Milla Jovovich and Paul WS Anderson welcome second daughter

Milla Jovovich and Paul WS Anderson welcome second daughter

Action star Milla Jovovich gave birth to a baby girl with her husband and collaborator Paul WS Anderson. The proud parents welcomed their second daughter on April 1 (and no, this isn't an April Fools prank!)

"Milla delivered her daughter Dashiel at 5:45 this morning," her rep told E! News. "Everyone is thrilled and beyond happy! Milla is in cuddle mode with her new daughter!"

The couple have been together since 2002, whenMilla starred in the first of six Resident Evil films, which have been mostly written and directed by Paul.

Their little girl Ever, who is seven, will be thrilled to have a sister. Ahead of the birth, the Hollywood beauty revealed that Ever had been telling her not to buy any new clothes, "not because she's jealous, but because she wants to share.

"She keeps saying, 'Don't get anything new. She can wear all my clothes'. She's so economical."

CLICK TO ENLARGE PHOTO: Milla Jovovich is set to film the final Resident Evil this summer

Milla kept fit right up until the last weeks of her pregnancy because she is filming two movies this summer, one being the sixth and final chapter of Resident Evil.

Her exercise regime included walking 12,000 steps a day as advised by her personal trainer, which in practice meant that the actress was hiking six miles daily into her last trimester.

The 38-year-old also ate a diet of fresh vegetables, chicken and pita bread, with only the odd cheat days when her husband took her out for a meal.

The former model hiked 6 miles a day during her pregnancy

To give her support, 50-year-old Paul has been hiking along with Milla and their dogs.

On Valentine's Day, he also bought her a beautiful bunch of flowers. Milla posted a picture of her gift on instagram, telling followers "Feeling pretty special today. (These are) my amazing flowers from my gorgeous husband."

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