Milla Jovovich hikes six miles a day ahead of baby's birth

Milla Jovovich hikes six miles a day ahead of baby's birth

She may have been blessed with great genes, but former model Milla Jovovich isn’t slacking on her exercise routing as she prepares to give birth to her second child, a little sister for her seven-year-old daughter, Ever Gabo, with husband Paul W. S. Anderson. The actress has made six-mile hikes a part of her pre-baby routine.

Milla Jovovich returns to filming in June so she can’t afford to let up on her fitness routine

The couple, who are expecting another girl, were spotting out walking with their dog near their home in Beverly Hills on Wednesday.

Despite being heavily pregnant, the 39-year-old was putting her best foot forward supported by Paul. He’s been doing his best to spoil his wife in the run up to the birth, giving her a beautiful bunch of flowers for Valentine’s Day. The British director has also been surprising her with occasional meals out – which has caused havoc with her healthy eating plan.

Milla Jovovich is expecting her second daughter

At one point she told 4.6million followers on Facebook: “My husband totally ruined my amazing self control and took me for a surprise lunch at one of my favorite Italian restaurants! Grrrrr…

“Well it goes without saying that I had pasta… with cream… and loads of cheese… and a basket of bread. Aaaaaaaah! It was SO AMAZING!!! I did stop myself from having dessert though, so I was very proud of myself!”

The Hollywood beauty explained to fans: “If I wasn’t hiking 5 1/2 to 6 miles every day, I think I would be 20 lbs. heavier than I am right now (185 lbs.) which is still reasonable for pregnancy gain.”

She has also had to deal with a lot of water retention, but has kept in good spirits.

Milla is so insistent about keeping in good shape because she has a movie lined up for June. Then in August she starts shooting Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, the sixth in the sci-fi action franchise ,with her husband in the director’s chair.

It will be a bitter-sweet shoot for the couple when the series ends since their love story began on the set of the first Resident Evil, which Paul wrote, filmed and produced.

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