Celebrity hair makeovers: Blond vs. brunette

Celebrity hair makeovers: Blond vs. brunette

Kim Kardashian has done it again. The perennial headline grabber, 34, had the Internet buzzing this week after dyeing her signature brown locks platinum blond. Kim stepped out with the dramatic new hair colour as she and husband Kanye West headed to the Balmain show during Paris Fashion Week.

It’s not the first time that Kim has experimented with her tresses. The reality TV star has oscillated between various degrees of chocolate-brown hair and honey-blond highlights, but this is the first time she’s gone full Marilyn with her dye job.

And when it comes to A-listers’ most important assets, few are as impactful as their hair. By changing it they can dramatically alter their appearance and, seemingly, personality – for roles or in their everyday lives.

Do A-list blonds have more fun? Looking back over the past year, it’s clear that one of the biggest beauty trends was for stars to dramatically change their hair colours, from dark to light and everything in between. There was Elizabeth Olsen, who traded in her light locks for something darker, and Britney Spears, who attempted the same.

Click through our gallery of stars as blonds vs. brunettes and tell us: Which look do you prefer?

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