Victoria Beckham's diet and superfood secrets revealed

Victoria Beckham's diet and superfood secrets revealed

How does Victoria Beckham – a successful entrepreneur, fashion designer and a mother of four – manage to stay energized while maintaing an immaculate appearance?

It could be down to the style icon’s healthy diet, which is packed with superfoods.

The 40 year old often gives fans a sneak peek at her healthy eating habits, revealing her favourite foods and sharing photos on her Twitter account.

Hello! takes a look at the benefits of some of Victoria’s favourite superfoods…

CLICK ON THE IMAGES BELOW FOR THE FULL GALLERYVictoria Beckham has revealed her favourite superfoods

Wheat grass
“Start the day with a wheat grass shot,” Victoria advised her fans on Twitter. Seen as one of the most nutritious superfoods available, wheat grass is packed with numerous vitamins and minerals. Full of vital nutrients including potassium, fibre, iron and vitamin C, it makes for a healthy start to the day.

Acai berries
“Obsessed with Acai berries!” tweeted the British beauty. “Native Brazilian super food x vb”. It’s no surprise that Victoria is a huge fan of acai berries, as these are jam packed with healthy substances called anthocyanins.These have powerful anti-oxidant properties which can be key to slowing down the ageing process.

Left to right: Victoria’s favourite superfoods acai berries, bee pollen and wheat grass

Bee pollen
“Totally obsessed with this Bee pollen!” revealed Victoria. “So good for u!! X vb”. Bee pollen may sound like an unusual choice, however studies indicate it contains a host of nutrients which work with the body’s defence system, which help maintain a healthy immune system, something Victoria no doubt needs to stay on top of all her different projects.

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