Cameron Diaz talks food, fitness and hair removal in ‘The Body Book’

Cameron Diaz talks food, fitness and hair removal in ‘The Body Book’

Model and actress Cameron Diaz can now add "author” to her long list of achievements.

The 41-year-old joins the ranks of Gwyneth Paltrow and Miranda Kerr, who have similarly penned books about health and body image. The Body Book speaks frankly and intimately about a broad range of topics like workout strategies, self-esteem and even body hair.

That’s right: An entire section of Cameron's first publication is dedicated to laser hair removal (she's an advocate for keeping things au naturel down there).

The fit, athletic star is famous for her toned physique, but admits she hasn’t always been health-conscious.

“If you are what you eat," she says, "I was a bean burrito with extra cheese and extra sauce, no onions.”

Of course, Cameron has since embarked on a journey to learn about health and nutrition, and is keen to share what she’s discovered.

Not only did she write the book, but the actress-turned-author took on the role of photographer as well. Cameron got behind the camera to take pictures of more than 40 different women, all while encouraging them to describe what they like most about their bodies.

Watch the video of Cameron's Body Book photoshoot below.

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