Get the look: The classic cat's eye

Get the look: The classic cat's eye

Donned by the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot, the iconic cat's eye continues to transcend time, surviving the legends that birthed and refined this classic look.

Giving old-Hollywood nuance to a crop of fresh starlets, the cat's eye (or winged liner) is favoured by some of Tinseltown’s elite, each providing their own unique spin on the beauty staple.

While ‘The Hills’ alum Lauren Conrad prefers a clean, slightly exaggerated wing, doe-eyed singers like Adele and Lana Del Rey opt for a thick, 60s-esque line and reality star Kim Kardashian’s bold, dark liner channels Cleopatra.

Despite those who are hesitant about how the look may fair on them, Toronto-based makeup artist Lucky Bromhead assures that the cat's eye “is flattering for everybody.”


“It gives a little bit of a lift to your eye, there’s a little bit of mystery, it’s sexy. You can never go wrong with cat's eyes,” she says.

Mastering a well-crafted feline lid may appear difficult, but Lucky asserts that the task seems far more daunting than it actually is. Rather than complete the look with one clean sweep of liner, she suggests that the process be broken up, beginning with a pencil liner to create the initial silhouette.

“Take a Kohl pencil and draw the shape you want, and then go over it with a liquid liner,” she says, adding that a timeless cat's eye is “always going to be a liquid liner.” She also shares her expertise on how to properly execute the winged look.

“There are angles on your own face that you can use. Your bottom lash line as it starts to taper up towards your temple – that’s the line you want to take for a classic cat's eye,” she says.

Lucky also suggests working backwards, beginning with the wing to achieve an even look on both eyes with more control.

And don’t forget about the lids! While it’s perfectly acceptable to keep your look subdued with a bare lid, Lucky notes that eye shadow also works exceptionally well with winged liner.

“You can have smoky eye shadow, a lighter lid with darker crease, a nude lid or a metallic lid. This is why everybody loves it, it works with everything!”

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