Michael Bublé gets emotional on ‘Carpool Karaoke’ as he talks son Noah’s cancer battle

By Meaghan Wray

Michael Bublé gets emotional on ‘Carpool Karaoke’ as he talks son Noah’s cancer battle

Michael Bublé has finally made his highly anticipated appearance on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke! It was a whirlwind of emotion as the Canadian crooner belted out some of his most popular songs, shared a few laughs and teared up over son Noah’s battle with cancer. In the name of raising money for Stand Up to Cancer, the father of three is back and better than ever as fans look forward to the release of his latest album, love, on Nov. 16.

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In between the fun songs and hilarious moments, Michael opened up about his son’s cancer diagnosis, which happened when Noah was only three years old. “It’s so hard to have to acknowledge it because it’s so painful to talk about. We got the diagnosis and that was it, man, my whole life ended,” he shared emotionally. “When this all started, I became the strength to somehow pull us and lift us and to be positive. When they got [the cancer] out and the chemo was done and they said, ‘We did it, it’s good, he’s okay,’ I fell. I just fell. My wife picks me up now.”

While his passion for music is still very much alive, it’s clear that the family man has put his three kids – Noah, 5, Elias, 2, and three-month-old Vida – and his wife, Luisana Lopilato , at the forefront of his life. After belting out some of his most popular tunes like “Haven’t Met You Yet” and “It’s a Beautiful Day” alongside the comedian, he made a call for fans of the show to contribute to cancer research. “There’s hope and treatments and there’s medicines that haven’t been discovered and will be discovered because of you,” he said, fighting back tears. “You think you’re one little person who can’t change, but all of us can completely, completely make that huge difference. If you do and you save just one little person, that’s it. That’s what life is, that’s all that this is. Simple.”

It wasn’t easy for Michael to jump back into the limelight, though. After being by his son’s side during his battle with cancer, the British Columbia native was almost ready to say goodbye to music for good: “I didn’t anticipate returning to recording or performing and I was fine with that. My entire worldview had changed completely these last few years,” he said in a statement . But despite it all, the 43-year-old is still able to find the small joys in life, like singing to a barista on the episode and having a jazz scat battle with James’ dad, who played the saxophone in the backseat for part of the show. And with more new music on the way for the holiday season, life couldn’t be better for the Bublés.

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