Dan Levy and Gina Rodriguez's had the best Twitter exchange ever

By: Ishani Nath, FLARE.com

Dan Levy and Gina Rodriguez's had the best Twitter exchange ever

Two of Hollywood's most beloved TV stars recently had a moment on Twitter that will give you all the warm, fuzzy feelings to keep you cozy through this harsh winter. It all started when Jane the Virgin’s Gina Rodriguez took to social media to show her support and excitement over Schitt's Creek's fourth season, which was created by and stars Canadian actor Dan Levy.

According to Gina's Jan. 24 tweet, it's also apparently tricky for Americans to access the Canadian hit show.

It turns out that this isn't the first time the actress - who recently stunned at the Golden Globes - has fangirled over Eugene Levy's son and their laugh-out-loud comedy. When Netflix began streaming the Canadian-made series, Rodriguez called it "the greatest thing to happen to Netflix." Then, a few months later, when Dan posted the Season 4 trailer in December, she responded with a whole lot of (very justified) excitement, prompting an all-caps "GINA" and heart-eye-emoji from Levy. So, safe to say, the two are fans of each other.

After Gina recently tweeted about shelling out extra bucks for Schitt’s Creek’s guaranteed laughs, Dan once again responded with mutual admiration.

Gina, of course, replied in a predictably loving fashion.

And that is when things got really magical. Dan half-joking-half-super-seriously replied to Gina suggesting a film collaboration.

The prospect of a film written by the two of them saw their diehard fans getting in on the joke.

In case you missed it, Dan and Gina have more in common than being young, beautiful primetime TV stars. They are also fighting to make space for more diverse stories and representation on screen. From the very beginning, Gina has been a vocal advocate for the Latinx community, most recently calling out the Academy Awards for the lack of Latinx nominees.

"How I feel about the #Oscars this morning and the lack of Latinos...“ The only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity” -Viola Davis (Thank you @RealGDT and @pixarcoco for being our visibility)," Gina tweeted following the Oscars nominations announcement. Similarly, as the writer and star of Schitt'sCreek, Dan pushes audiences to see beyond stereotypes with his portrayal of pansexual character David Rose, and has talked extensively about the importance of accepting diverse sexual identities. In short, these two aren't just funny, they're fierce advocates who are paving the way for better storytelling in media.

So, while we are pretty sure the indie film collaboration idea was said mostly in jest, here's hoping that this moment of shared admiration leads to some Schitt's Creek-Jane the Virgin crossover vacation episodes—or at the very least, some Gina and Dan cameos.

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