Annie Murphy on 'Schitt's Creek's funniest season, on-set hangouts and proud dad Eugene Levy

By Erica Cupido

Annie Murphy on 'Schitt's Creek's funniest season, on-set hangouts and proud dad Eugene Levy

They’re a long way from the luxe lifestyle they were once accustomed to, but the Rose family are slowly figuring out life in Schitt’s Creek. This month, the hilarious, homegrown comedy returned for its fourth season, and Canadian actress Annie Murphy, 31, tells us that she was thrilled to reunite with her onscreen family (who also happen to be some of her best friends).

“We feel really cheesy saying it,” says Annie, who plays Alexis, the delightfully self-involved daughter of Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara’s characters, Johnny and Moira Rose. “But being back on-set feels like the first day of summer camp, and seeing all of your best buds again. We’ve all become good friends over the course of these four years, so it’s nice to get everyone in one spot for a few months.” Here, the star fills us in on the most popular place to hang out on-set, and what Eugene is like as a dad.

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What sets this new season apart from previous ones?
It’s the funniest season, but there’s a lot of emotion that comes with it. Balancing those two things makes it such a good experience to watch. It has good, cozy, happy feelings for the most part, and I think we really need that now. I’m excited for people to see it.

Annie stars in Schitt’s Creek alongside Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara and more. ‘We’ve all become good friends.’.

Where does the cast like to hang out while on-set?
Most of us can be found by the craft services table snacking. We go between snacking and sitting behind the monitors because even though we’re allowed, of course, to go to our trailers, it’s so hard to do when Eugene and Catherine are filming a scene together. We’re usually watching from behind the monitors with candy or popcorn.

Have you ever wanted to keep a piece of Alexis’s wardrobe?
All the time. There’s so much that is so beautiful, over-thetop and expensive. Never in a million years would I personally buy those pieces, but I’d lust after them for a while.

Have you heard from any celebrity fans of the show?
I found out that Tony Hale [from Veep] was into the show because he added me to social media. I immediately sent him a direct message on Instagram, and he wrote back! It was one of the kindest things. Will Arnett was another recent one – he tweeted about the show, which was super cool.

You get the chance to work with Eugene and his children, Daniel and Sarah. What’s something we don’t know about the Levy clan?
It is so cool to see the dynamic between Eugene and his two kids on-set. It’s especially wonderful to watch Eugene watch either Dan or Sarah in a scene that he’s not a part of. Eugene stands by the monitors and mouths the lines, with this very sweet, loving smile on his face. It’s so sweet to watch.

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