Jillian Harris opens up about her new docuseries: 'It's the real me'

By Erica Cupido

Jillian Harris opens up about her new docuseries: 'It's the real me'

Her humour and candour are always delightful but it’s rare to see even Jillian Harris this unfiltered! On Love It or List It: Vancouver the star puts the spotlight on her clients and her friendly rivalry with co-host Todd Talbot. Now the new mom, 37, is sharing experiences from the most thrilling chapter of her own life in the upcoming docuseries Jillian and Justin (season premiere June 21, W Network).

TAP FOR GALLERY The show follows Jillian and Justin's journey into parenthood.

The show chronicles the past several months of the in­terior design pro’s life with fiancé Justin Pasutto, including their home renovation, preparing for their first child’s arrival, and life with baby Leo. “It was just such a cool opportunity,” says the Canadian beauty, who first rose to fame as a contestant on The Bachelor. Here, Jillian tells us why her new series shows a side of her even loyal fans have rarely seen.

Jillian, what can viewers ex­pect to see on your new show?

It started when I was pregnant with Leo. I was also juggling a lot of stuff, in­cluding charity initiatives, a clothing line, a jewelry line ... Plus, my relationship with Justin was long-distance because I was commuting from Vancouver to Kelowna twice a week. The documentary tracks the ups and downs of our lives as we welcome Leo.

What makes you and Justin such a great team?

Justin and I are both very high-energy, com­petitive people. Before Leo and Nacho [their dog], we were always kind of working our butts off. I’m sure every new family can relate to this – now everything is for the baby and the dog and the success of the family.

How was your experience of filming Jillian and Justin different from your other famous reality-TV stint?

It was very different because on The Bachelor, our entire filming experience was just filming The Bachelor. You didn’t have to pay bills and get stuff done. It wasn’t easy documenting an already crazy, busy life, but we made it work.

Have you seen any of the episodes yet?

I haven’t. I’m really nervous because I tend to break down within the series, so I’m a bit nervous to see how those moments come across. I think people will see that I’m not perfect. There’s going to be some points in the series when I’m disappointed in myself and some when I’m going to be proud. I think it’s going to be funny, raw and really true. It’s nerve-racking sharing that with the country, but at the same time I’m excited because it’s the real me.

Jillian, Justin, and son Leo Jillian stars with Justin Pasutto in her upcoming docuseries Jillian and Justin

Fans first got to know you on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. Do you still watch it?

Other than my own show, it’s the only show I watch. I’m still obsessed with it and can’t believe I did it.

Does it feel like a lifetime ago?

It feels like I never did it. It’s weird, I feel like I forget what I went through ... But every time something crazy happens on the show, I’m like, “I know why that happened. I see how this is all coming together.” I can put myself back in that place again with the producers, the emotions and all of that.

Since then, you’ve kept fans up to date on your life through social media. At this stage of your career, what’s the most rewarding part about sharing so much of your personal life online?

I learn so much from my followers about life, be­ing an entrepreneur and being a mom. I think people think that because I’ve had success that I’m confident 100 per cent of the time. But I’m not always confident, and a lot of times just talking to my readers reminds me why I do what I do.

The couple's son Leo turns one in August. Photo: Instagram/@JillianHarris

Now that filming of Jillian and Justin is done, what are your summer plans?

To work on our yard and to entertain. I love gardening, camp­ing and just sitting around the fire. Justin and I said we really want to have family over, plan Leo’s first birthday and enjoy our home this summer.

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