Ryan Gosling gushes about his girls and pities his Roomba on Ellen DeGeneres

By Sarah Walker

Ryan Gosling gushes about his girls and pities his Roomba on Ellen DeGeneres

Ryan Gosling is known to be one of the more private celebrities in Hollywood. The La La Land star rarely gives candid interviews, and he and his partner Eva Mendes have been incredibly protective of their own privacy and that of their children.

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So fans were given a bit of an early holiday gift when the 36-year-old appeared on The Ellen Degeneres Show, not only picking Ellen up in a special embrace but also gushing about his two tots, Esmeralda, 2, and seven-month-old Amada.

"You have a new baby?" Ellen asked Ryan.

"Yes... Esmeralda is the oldest... Amada is seven months... [her name means] beloved in Spanish," he said.


He went on to say that because of their age, his children are still too young to appreciate or understand Christmas, but that's not necessarily a problem.

Referring to Esmeralda specifically he said: "Es was a little too young last year... I don't think she understands that you can ask for something just yet. It's a real sweet spot, where you give her anything, you know?"

Ellen went on to ask the doting dad about his Christmas wish list. Surprisingly, the one thing he said he wants most is something he already has: a Roomba. He joked that he's hoping Eva will give him a Roomba for his Roomba.

"I feel bad for it, because it works tirelessly," he said of the small cleaning robot. "At night I can hear it cleaning downstairs and I just feel bad for it... when it's tired it goes home and it docks itself, and recharges."

The talk show host went on to suggest that Ryan give Eva an assortment of products featuring his face, from leggings to fake nails and even a colouring book. Reviewing the items, he laughed and apologized to the audience for having to see any of the items up close and in person.

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