Will Ferrell on a dad-off with Mark Wahlberg: 'It would get ugly fast'

By Ava Baccari

Will Ferrell on a dad-off with Mark Wahlberg: 'It would get ugly fast'

He may not have been rocking a leather jacket, but Will Ferrell was the coolest dad in town at the Toronto première of his latest family comedy, Daddy’s Home. Dressed in a dapper suit and grey suede shoes, the Saturday Night Live alum walked the red carpet Monday night (Dec. 14) at Scotiabank Theatre Toronto, where we chatted about what his kids think of him, taking on Mark Wahlberg in a dad-off and holiday traditions.

In the film, Will plays a stand-up stepfather who must contend with the chaos of his wife’s kids' freewheeling dad (Mark Walhberg) waltzing back into the picture. Speaking to Hello! on the red carpet, the Anchorman star revealed why he’s more akin to his character, Brad, with his own three sons, Magnus, 11, Mattias, 8, Axel, 5. “If I came home wearing a leather jacket, trying to ride a motorcycle they would just shake their heads and say, ‘What are you doing?’” the comedian told us. “I think I’m the cool dad in the sense that I help coach their soccer team and I think they’re secretly very proud of that."

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Typical of the classic Will Ferrell no-holds-barred brand of comedy, the family film sees the actor engage in a variety of physically demanding stunts – including driving a motorcycle straight through a door ­ ­– for the sake of a good laugh. “I think physical comedy, when you can find opportunities for it in a movie, they are so important, just because it’s something that a wide audience can relate to,” he explained. And most of those stunts involve Will’s character trying to outdo his onscreen nemesis, played by Mark. The duo hasn't been together onscreen since their 2010 hit film, The Other Guys. Instead of playing a crime-fighting duo, this time they’re taking each other head on in “a good old-fashioned dad-off."

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg star in Daddy's Home.

The film opens Christmas Day (Dec. 25) and stands to become another Will Ferrell holiday classic, in the vein of his beloved 2003 movie Elf. Will couldn’t help but joke around with Hello! when asked about his own holiday traditions with his sons and wife of 15 years, Viveca Paulin. “We like to steal neighbours’ Christmas trees and burn them in front of their house,” he said, with a laugh. See how the hilarious prank (sort of) plays out in the above video!

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