Amy Poehler and Tina Fey: 'We're kind of like sisters and our parents are show business’

By Sarah Kelsey

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey: 'We're kind of like sisters and our parents are show business’

Amy Poehler and Tina Fey may play relatives on the big screen in the highly anticipated comedy Sisters, but they've assured fans that they're also each other's chosen family in real life. The hilarious duo share their love of one another in a new Entertainment Weekly interview.

In the holiday movie, Amy and Tina play siblings who throw one last party at their childhood home before their parents move. The former Parks and Recreation headliner plays the uptight, divorced Maura to the 30 Rock star's more immature Kate.

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In the interview, the Saturday Night Live sidekicks say it was natural for them to take on the role of sisters.

“Neither Tina or I have sisters in real life,” Amy says. “We are each other’s chosen sister. We’re kind of like sisters and our parents are show business. We call each other to complain about how mom and dad have treated us at Thanksgiving.”

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Tina adds, “It just wouldn’t make sense playing sisters with anyone else.” They go on to joke about their roles in the film, saying they’re not used to playing the character types they do.

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“It would have been more expected to see me in the role of Maura,” the Bossypants writer explains. “I thought the fun would be watching Maura lose her mind, and Amy would be so good. She’s funnier than I would ever be at that.”

Appearing on the cover of the magazine, and looking fantastic in red dresses, red lipstick and Santa Claus caps, the pair are in finest festive sartorial form.

Check out the full trailer for their movie below.

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