Brad Pitt on having wife Angelina direct him: 'She's sexy at her post'

Brad Pitt on having wife Angelina direct him: 'She's sexy at her post'

Brad Pitt isn’t wanting for anything when it comes to his working relationship with wife Angelina Jolie, whom he clearly adores. She took the helm on their latest project, By The Sea, and the Oscar-winning actor says he loves it when she calls the shots.

“It’s surprising how much I enjoy the direction of my wife,” Brad told V magazine. “She’s decisive, incredibly intuitive, and might I say sexy at her post. I trust her with my life.”

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While they both have hugely successful movie careers, off-screen Brad and Angelina spend much of their time focusing on raising their six children together.

“At the end of the day, we get to be parents, greeting our lovely, crazy children and talking about their day, making sure they brush their teeth," Brad told the magazine.

Brad and Angelina both star in By the Sea together, playing a husband and wife who are having marital troubles. While the project looks set to be a success, Angelina previously revealed she was warned against acting with her husband again before they started filming shortly after their wedding in 2014.

Brad and Angelina previously starred in Mr and Mrs Smith together

“We haven’t acted together for ten years. We decided we would do it again and we did a very small drama about family, about marriage in fact," Angelina told The Today Show. “We did a drama about a bad marriage.”

She continued: “A lot of friends of ours thought it was a really… they didn’t say a bad idea… but they asked us a few times if we were sure we wanted to do it.”

The film’s plot is at complete contrast to Brad and Angelina’s personal life. The couple recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary together and are said to be house hunting in the UK, where they could soon become neighbours with their friends George and Amal Clooney.

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