Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman adapting 'The Royal We'

By Sarah Kelsey

Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman adapting 'The Royal We'

There’s some potentially good news for those who mourned the end of Parenthood: stars Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman are set to work together again. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the duo will adapt The Royal We – a book by GoFugYourself’s Jessica Morgan and Heather Cocks – into a movie.

Lauren, who won hearts as Lorelai Gilmore on Gilmore Girls, will reportedly pen the project, while 27-year-old Mae is being eyed for a feature role in the film. Both women will act as producers.

Lauren Graham and Mae Whitman co-starred in Parenthood. Photo: © Getty Images

Released earlier this year, the page-turner tells the tale of a romance inspired by that of the Duchess of Cambridge (née Kate Middleton) and Prince William. Its leading lady is an all-American girl who heads to Oxford for school only to stumble upon the love of her life – who happens to be the heir to England’s throne. There’s even a trouble-making red-headed brother who causes drama between the couple.

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Of the book, co-author Heather told People, “It truly isn’t Wills and Kate… Yes, it was an idea borne of watching their seeming courtship in the media, but through Bex’s eyes we had the freedom we needed to imagine all the potential behind-the-scenes emotions and conflicts of that love story.”

Since wrapping Parenthood both Lauren and Mae have kept busy. The 48-year-old Hawaii-native recently revealed that Netflix plans to revive Gilmore Girls for four episodes, and she also stars in the movie Max. Mae has fronted two films: The Duff and Rock Dog.

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