Johnny Depp isn't interested in winning an Oscar

Johnny Depp isn't interested in winning an Oscar

Johnny Depp has been the source of Oscar buzz many times over, most recently for his portrayal of real-life gangster Whitey Bulger in Black Mass. But despite murmurs of an award-winning performance since the drama’s glamorous premiere at the Venice Film Festival, the star has made clear his disinterest in snagging an Academy Award. “I don’t want to win one of those things ever, you know,” the actor told BBC at the London premiere.

I don’t want to have to talk,” he explained. “They gave me one of those things, like a nomination, two or three times. A nomination is plenty.”

Johnny Depp has said he doesn’t ever want to win an Academy Award

Johnny has had three Academy Award nominations so far in his career, for his roles in the first Pirates of the Caribbean (2003), Finding Neverland (2004) and Sweeney Todd (2007).

“The idea of winning means that you’re in competition with someone and I’m not in competition with anybody,” Johnny added. “I just stick to my guns and do what I want to do. Sometimes people don’t like it, but that’s alright.”

The star also addressed critics who have hailed his performance in Black Mass as a comeback role. “Where did I come back from? The dead?” he said with a laugh. “I haven’t done anything different in this than I have in any other film.”

Johnny has so far been nominated for three Oscars – most recently for the 2007 film Sweeney Todd

Black Mass tells the story of James ‘Whitey’ Bulger, who becomes an FBI informant in order to take down a rival Mafia family invading his turf. The film also stars the likes of Benedict Cumberbatch, Joel Edgerton, Dakota Johnson and Kevin Bacon, as is due for release in the UK on 27 November.

The official list for the Academy Award nominees will be revealed in January.

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