New movies and TV: Zac Efron in 'We Are Your Friends' and 3 questions with Sarah Rafferty

New movies and TV: Zac Efron in 'We Are Your Friends' and 3 questions with Sarah Rafferty

This week, Zac Efron is a wizard on the turntables in We Are Your Friends and Owen Wilson fights to save his family in the thriller No Escape. On the small screen, honorary Canadian Sarah Rafferty dishes on the dramatic season finale of Suits, while Netflix turns the spotlight on drug cartels in the new series Narcos.

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Nearly a decade has passed since Zac Efron became a superstar thanks to the hugely successful High School Musical franchise. Now, the 27-year-old actor is turning to music once again, this time playing an entrepreneurial-spirited deejay in We Are Your Friends (in theatres Aug. 28). Zac plays Cole, a hard-working spin master who wants to make a name for himself in the world of EDM (electronic dance music.) The California native told Popsugar that playing the overly determined character was reminiscent of his early days trying to break into Hollywood. “I ran around with a crew of hustling actors. We were all on our own paths, some were hustling more than others. I was somewhere in the middle.” Starring alongside Zac is American model Emily Ratajkowski, who previously danced to fame in Robin Thick’s ‘Blurred Lines’ video before romancing Ben Affleck’s character in Gone Girl.


In the new thriller No Escape (in theatres Aug. 26), Owen Wilson plays a courageous father trying to keep his family safe after a move to South-east Asia and the outbreak of a violent coup. The 46-year-old actor opened up to Flicks and the City at the film’s premiere, saying that what makes the intense adventure even more impactful is that, “it’s grounded in a reality where everything that is happening makes sense in a logical world.” The father of two also admitted that he was drawn to the role because he can relate to a father’s need to protect his family. No Escape also stars Pierce Brosnan and Wet Hot American Summer’s Lake Bell.



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For the past five seasons, actress Sarah Rafferty has played the sharp-witted and delightfully honest Donna Paulsen on the hit legal drama Suits. The experience has been nothing but pleasant for the stunning 42-year-old, who has made a home for herself and her family in Toronto, where the series is filmed. “Toronto is definitely my second home!” she exclaimed to Hello! during a recent chat, which quickly turned to the tense drama in store for the show’s "emotional" season finale on Aug. 26. Here, the stunning star dishes on Donna’s flashbacks and wardrobe and tells us her take on her character’s ongoing ‘Will they or won’t they’ dynamic with Harvey.

Is it fun to play Donna of yesterday in the show’s iconic flashback scenes?

I love doing them. The flashbacks really dramatically juxtapose what’s going on in the present. If there is some big drama happening in the present, we go back to a lighter time with Harvey or Donna or something like that. So that’s always been fun for me.

Donna has a killer wardrobe. Are there any pieces that you covet?

I’ll take the Gucci gown and all the Dior stuff. I will take all of her Victoria Beckham and her shoes ( Laughs). There is this Lanvin coat and it’s so beautiful. I think I just had it over my shoulders in the morning coming into work and I put it over my chair for one scene. I wore it over an Oscar de la Renta dress and with Jimmy Choo shoes – it’s insane!

If you could give Donna one piece of romantic advice, what would it be?

That’s a hard question. I wonder if I’m too close with her. I mean, I’m concerned with Donna getting on with it, of course, in the motherly way. I mean how old is Donna? If Harvey’s not going to come through I don’t want her to have given all of her fertile years to him. I think that Donna thinks that she’s not necessarily hung up on Harvey and that Harvey’s not impeding her. In a previous episode we learned that Donna has a boyfriend, so she’s not sitting at home eating Ben & Jerry’s, waiting for Harvey to come by – that’s for sure. She’s seeing other people and she’s moved on and she’s very clear with him about how she feels.

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In the new Netflix drama Narcos (season one streaming Aug. 28), audiences can expect an in-depth look at the rise and fall of Colombian drug-lord Pablo Escobar. The 10-episode series examines the cartel’s vast wealth and control of more than 80 per cent of America’s cocaine trade, during the height of its success in the 1980s. Brazilian actor Wagner Moura plays the famed criminal alongside Game of Thrones star Pedro Pascal, who steps into the shoes of Mexican DEA agent Javier Peña.

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