The surprising way Jason Segel gained 40 lbs for new role

The surprising way Jason Segel gained 40 lbs for new role

Jason Segel has joined Jake Gyllenhaal as the latest actor to go through a body transformation solely for a film role. Unlike Jake, who trained five months to get a chiseled physique for the boxing flick Southpaw, the How I Your Mother star packed on almost 40 pounds to deliver a fair performance of acclaimed novelist David Foster Wallace in the upcoming drama The End of the Tour.

Jason attended the Los Angeles premiere of The End of the Tour with dad Alvin, sister Alison and mother Jillian (R). Photo: © Getty Images

The first week is fun and after that, every day feels like Thanksgiving night,” the actor revealed during a recent interview on Live! With Kelly and Michael. The newfound freedom to eat whatever he wanted was easy at first, says Jason, but soon, “you’re just done. You have no energy or anything like that.”

As production on the biopic covering a five-day interview between Infinite Jest’s author David Foster Wallace and Rolling Stone reporter David Lipsky drew nearer, the 35-year-old actor realized that he was running out of time. “I had about two weeks left so I put myself on a Hot Pocket diet, which was two Hot Pockets every three hours,” he shared. Even though he describes the experience as “horrible,” the diet didn’t leave a bad taste in his mouth. "You know what's ridiculous?” he asked host Kelly Ripa, “I was eating like 12 Hot Pockets a day. I was so sick of them and I swore that I’d never eat another Hot Pocket, but if you put a Hot Pocket in front of me right now, I’d eat it.”

It looks like all that hard work paid off as the usually comedic actor is getting Oscar buzz for his dramatic role. "The first viewing was scary," Jason admitted to Rolling Stone, adding that, “Coming from comedy into a movie like this – just as a body rejects a perfectly good organ – no matter how well I did, people could just decide, ‘Nope!” But luckily for him, he confirms, “that didn’t happen.”

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