Caitlyn Jenner's 5 must-see moments in the 'I Am Cait' premiere

Caitlyn Jenner's 5 must-see moments in the 'I Am Cait' premiere

With the premiere of the docu-series I Am Cait this Sunday (July 26), fans are set to step inside Caitlyn Jenner’s life as a newly transitioned woman, from sharing the news with loved ones to taking on new challenges and hanging with family members, including Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Even more highly anticipated than Bruce Jenner’s interview with Diane Sawyer, we’ve rounded up the top five highlights from the E! series’ debut episode.

Kylie Jenner has been open about the fact that her father’s transition has been a difficult process for her, and the show shares the emotional moment when Kylie meets Caitlyn for the first time.

Caitlyn and Kylie share a warm embrace during the debut episode. Photo: © E!

While Facetiming with Kylie as she waits for the dentist, Caitlyn is unsure as to whether she should reveal her new look for fear of alarming her daughter, but decides to go for it. “You look so pretty!" Kylie says approvingly. They later engage in a lighthearted face-to-face meeting where the teen puts teal Ombré hair extensions in Cait’s hair after an emotional embrace.

With his discerning taste and artistic inclinations, Kanye West's approval can mean a lot. The rapper tells Caitlyn that she’s "changing society in the most meaningful way.” He adds that she is “one of the strongest things that have happened. You’re a celebrity, your daughter is a supermodel, and you’re saying this is who I am.”

Kim and Kanye have publicly shown their support for Caitlyn as seen here on Father’s Day Photo: © Instagram/@caitlynjenner

Meanwhile, Kim - who admits that her skirt is unzipped due to her pregnancy weight gain - raids Cait's closet to help revamp her wardrobe. But it looks like the 65-year-old is already in good hands, with A-list designers like Tom Ford and Diane Von Furstenberg contributing to her well-stocked closet. Cait is quickly becoming the newest Kardashian-Jenner member sought after by top brands. She even jokes that she would wear the same dress that Kris Jenner has in her closet.

If there’s one thing that Caitlyn has made abundantly clear throughout her transition and most recently at the ESPYS, it is that she wants to help the transgender community. During the first episode of her show, she visits a family in San Diego who have lost a transgendered child, Kyler Prescott, to suicide. Despite having to switch cars three times to keep the meeting under wraps, Caitlyn is able to have a special moment with the boy's family and friends as they release memorial balloons on the beach.

Caitlyn admits her trepidation at the thought of revealing the news to her mother before going public. Since finding out, Esther Jenner has been one of the most vocally supportive members of the family, and the heartfelt series reveals the first meeting between Esther and her now daughter.

Esther showed tremendous support for Caitlyn. Photo: © E!

Caitlyn says to her mom, “It’s okay, it’s okay” upon their first in-person meeting shown on the episode. “I knew it would be,” Esther replied. The supportive mom went on to discuss how proud she was of her child. “I think he’s a very good looking woman,” she said. “He’s still Bruce. I love him so much. I really want to learn more. I need to understand more.”

Prior to Bruce revealing that he is transgender, rumours were circulating that he was dating Ronda Kamihira shortly after divorcing Kris Jenner. The debut episode of I Am Cait makes it very clear that Ronda is just a friend and assistant who Caitlyn began confiding in about two years ago - and even helped pick the name Caitlyn. Ronda and her daughters are seen throughout the episode.

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