This week's new movies and TV shows: 'Entourage', Melissa McCarthy in 'Spy' and 3 questions with Cristine Prosperi

This week's new movies and TV shows: 'Entourage', Melissa McCarthy in 'Spy' and 3 questions with Cristine Prosperi

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This week, the boys of Entourage make their film debut, Melissa McCarthy and Jude Law play secret agents in Spy, and Brian Wilson comes to life in the biopic Love & Mercy, starring John Cusack and Elizabeth Banks.

On the small screen, Pretty Little Liars and Hannibaldebut their new seasons and Paula Abdul choreographs her return to the judging panel, this time on So You Think You Can Dance. Also, a one-on-one chat with former Degrassi star Cristine Prosperi about her new project, Open Heart.

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The boys of Hollywood are back and ready for some drama. Four years after Entourage bowed out of primetime, the long-awaited feature filmfinally hits theatres on June 5. Adrian Grenier, Kevin Connolly, Kevin Dillon and Jerry Ferrara return for more parties, premieres and playing hardball with former agent-turned-studio head Ari Gold (Jeremy Piven). When Vince (Adrian) sets his sights on directing, he looks to Ari to secure financing for the project. And like most of Ari’s dealings, he is met with a handsome dose of hostility. Look for cameos from A-listers like Liam Neeson, Pharrell Williams, Jessica Alba and, of course, Mark Wahlberg – the inspiration behind the story of Vince and his band of brothers.


I spy with my little eye, Melissa McCarthy up to her usual hilarious hijinks in the new film Spy (June 1). Melissa plays CIA analyst Susan, who helps keep super-agent Bradley Fine (Jude Law) out of harms way - until he's assassinated and the government agrees to let Susan leave the safety of her desk to hit the field and track down Bradley’s killer. Spy marks the third time Melissa has collaborated with director Paul Feig, having worked together on Bridesmaids and The Heat. They’ll reunite once again later this year when production on the new Ghostbusters reboot gets underway.


Insidious: Chapter 3: In this prequel to the 2010 horror flick Insidious, Dermot Mulroney stars as a concerned single father who calls in help after his daughter falls victim to the supernatural.

Love & Mercy: The story of legendary Beach Boys member Brian Wilson is brought to life with Paul Dano and John Cusack sharing the role of the troubled singer alongside Elizabeth Banks, who plays Brian’s wife, Melinda Ledbetter.

Wild Horses: Robert Duvall directs a stellar cast, including James Franco and Josh Hartnett, in this crime drama that puts a Texas rancher (played by Robert) at the centre of an unsolved murder.


THREE QUESTIONS WITH … Cristine Prosperi

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After wrapping up four seasons on Degrassi, Toronto-born actress Cristine Prosperi forwent a vacation to jump right into production on the medical drama Open Heart(series première June 2, ABC Spark). “On my last day on Degrassi, I was crying and it was the saddest day ever,” she tells Hello! Canada, adding “I was hugging one of the producers and they said, ‘You know we’ll see you next week on the set of Open Heart (Laughs)." The show, about a hospital volunteer who joins forces with a new recruit to solve a mystery, is from the same production team as the long-running Degrassi series, and stars a host of Canadian talent, including Jenny Cooper (24), Justin Kelly (Between) and Karis Cameron. Here, 22-year-old Christine talks Degrassi, carpooling with Dad and the perks of working in a hospital.

Do you think you have more in common with your Degrassi persona Imogen or Mikayla on Open Heart?
I think I have a little bit more in common with Mikayla - like in the way we look. With her fashion and style, some of the stuff she wears I wanted to take home. I think that with Imogen, it was cool because she’s quirky and crazy and I feel like I’m a little quirky myself, so it’s fun to play both characters. But Mikayla is definitely a little bit more me.

What has it meant to you to be able to film at home in Toronto?
Being on Degrassi for four years and then Open Heart for this season, I’ve just realized how lucky I am that I get to work in town. I still get to have my life here with my friends and family. Actually, me and my dad carpool to work! He works around the corner from the studio so at 6 am we’ll be in the car together getting our Tim Hortons and driving down. It’s just such a luxury and really nice to have the comfort of home.

Did you ever have dreams of becoming a doctor when you were a child?
Definitely not. I’m not really good with blood or needles. In high school I used to watch Grey’s Anatomy and I thought it would be so amazing to get to work on a doctor show and play with all the tools on set. Luckily enough I got to do that with Open Heart because when I wasn’t shooting I’d go onto different sets and play with everything. It was so much fun.

How real is reality television? The new scripted series unREAL (series première June 1, Lifetime) presents the idea that the tears, fears and love squabbles found in dating shows like The Bachelor are nothing but producer-orchestrated fabrication. Shiri Appleby plays a TV producer who will stop at nothing to please her demanding executive-producer boss, played by House of Cards’ Constance Zimmer. “The characters are so rich and so flawed,” Constance tells Hello!, adding, “everybody is just as twisted and evil as the next person.” Shiri shares with us that the show’s intent is not to, “take down reality television,” but it’s more about, “the people making the show and what’s going on in their lives that would lead them to be put in these situations.”


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Pretty Little Liars (season six première June 2, M3): After failing to outwit their mysterious tormenter, the girls find themselves trapped in a warehouse without any food or water.

Hannibal (season three première June 4, City): This season promises to reveal more about Bedelia (Gillian Anderson) as her obsession with Hannibal (Mads Mikkelsen) turns dangerous.

Just for Laughs: All Access (season three première June 6, Comedy): Enjoy some of the best standup routines from Montreal’s annual Just for Laughs Festival, including zingers from Nick Offerman, Andy Samberg and Broad City’s Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer.

Sense8 (series debut June 5, Netflix Canada): Eight strangers from around the globe are shocked to discover that they are suddenly emotionally and mentally connected following a life-changing tragedy. The series, which was filmed in a variety of cities including Seoul, Nairobi and Mumbai, is the brainchild of the team behind the Matrix franchise.

69th Annual Tony Awards (June 7, CBS): Broadway vets Kristin Chenoweth and Alan Cumming host the annual show honouring the best performances on The Great White Way. Presenters include Taye Diggs, Amanda Seyfried and nominee Bradley Cooper.

So You Think You Can Dance (season 12 première June 1, CTV/Fox): After leaving American Idol in 2009, former choreographer Paula Abdul embraces her other passion – dance - as a new judge on the competition series.

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