Take five with… Samantha Bee: What I've learned since my teenage years

Take five with… Samantha Bee: What I've learned since my teenage years

She’s the busiest Bee on TV! After concluding her 12-year run at The Daily Show, Samantha Bee is ready to take the reins as queen bee on her own late-night show. The debut of Full Frontal With Samantha Bee on Feb. 8 (Comedy Network) marks both Samantha's return to the late-night roster and the resurgence of a female-led show in a male-dominated field. The Canadian comedian is the perfect funny lady to fill the void left by Chelsea Handler, who signed off from her talk show last year.

In one of the first promo clips for the satirical series, Sam can be seen walking around an art gallery admiring portraits of the current late-night hosts (all of them male). Her response to the sausage fest is worth a re-watch!

As the Toronto native looks ahead to a hilarious future guaranteed to be filled with success and laughter, Hello! caught up with the star to find out how she fared in her teenage years and the lessons she has learned along the way.

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If I was giving advice, which I will be to my own children when they become teenagers (and they won’t listen to this advice because teenagers never do), it would be to not take everything so seriously. You think that the entire world is looking at your pimple – when they are looking at their own pimple! Everyone is so self-absorbed.

[Teenagers] are worried about the judgment of other people and think that a test that you take can determine your future. It’s such a waste of energy. Not to say that you shouldn't care about things in your life and you shouldn't do your best work as much as possible, but I do recall, as a teenager, having everything seem like it was life and death. And none of it was life and death. Zero per cent of it was life and death!

There was a guy in high school who I liked so much. He never liked me. He threw gum at me and I kept it in a little piece of Kleenex. I kept the gum of someone who threw it at me. That's a great life lesson – he probably wouldn't have been that great to date. I’m sure he is very happy now, somewhere, whatever he is doing. I wish him well.

I went out last night to see a Broadway show and I’m going to one tonight… and it is breaking me to stay out until 11 ‘o clock two nights in a row. I didn’t have any alcohol and I didn’t do anything, but I am such a nerd and a homebody that going out just upsets the whole ecosystem.

I never wanted to go into comedy. I didn't start doing comedy until I was in my late 20s… It’s not like my career was a series of overwhelming successes that all ended in happiness. I gave up acting many times. It was a long, long road, with a lot of giveups and do-overs and personal questioning. It has definitely helped to reflect on those years and think, “OK. It’s not all for naught. You can reinvent yourself.”

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