Exclusive clip: 'Hockey Wives' star Noureen DeWulf bribes her bulldog

Exclusive clip: 'Hockey Wives' star Noureen DeWulf bribes her bulldog

While many of their husbands didn’t make the NHL playoffs this year, the women of Hockey Wives are going into overtime. After an eight-episode run of the popular docu-series – which gave fans an inside look into the daily lives of the women behind some of hockey’s biggest players – the W network show has scored a second season.

When Hello! spoke with the wives before the first episode premiered in March, we asked the women if they’d be interested in doing another season. Their answers were unanimous.

WATCH: Exclusive clip with Noureen DeWulf!

“It's been a fun experience,” said Kodette LaBarbera, wife of Anaheim Ducks goalie Jason Labarbera. “If it was exactly the same, I’d do it again.”

A lot has changed since the wives agreed to the series, especially for actress Noureen DeWulf, who was carrying her first child with Vancouver Canucks goalie Ryan Miller during shooting. The couple welcomed baby boy Bohdi in March.

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Like any first-time parent, the Anger Management star was excited and anxious as she awaited the birth of her son, and it's likely that fans will be able to watch the actress adjust to life as a new mom should Noureen return for season two.

Noureen's dog Puck is the real star of Hockey Wives. Photo © W Network.

Thankfully, the 31-year-old Hollywood beauty has already had some practice mothering her beloved French bulldog, Puck.

"Men like treats, dogs like treats, and I’m hoping babies like treats,” she says in this exclusive teaser clip, in which Noureen tries to get her adorably stubborn pup to do what she says.

The season finale of Hockey Wives airs Wednesday on W network at 10 pm.


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