​Reality Check: Top 10 quotes from ‘Hockey Wives’ episode 6

​Reality Check: Top 10 quotes from ‘Hockey Wives’ episode 6

Much of episode 6 of Hockey Wives revolved around a glitzy LA party for Brijet's Obsessions of a Hockey Wife website's social launch, where fans finally saw all the women mingle together for the first time.

Canadiens player George Parros officially retired, leaving wife Tiffany to awkwardly field questions about their next move. But it was Maripier Morin who was most anxious during the event, particularly when it came to comments about her and Brandon Prust's relationship status. When a fellow wife, just making small talk, asked her if she was married, MP replied coldly, "Nope. Not engaged, nothing."

Maripier admires Martine's engagement ring. Photo © W Network

Later, she admired Martine's enormous engagement ring with envy and admitted that all she wanted to do was "sit in a corner, get drunk and chain smoke."

There were other awkward encounters – like when Noureen deWulf and Martine Forget were forced to play nice, despite the fact that their husbands have thrown punches at each other – but there were heartwarming moments, too. Model Martine Forget and Jonathan Bernier posed for the cover of Today’s Parent with their newborn baby (so cute!) and Brijet's tearful speech about how much she values her friendships with the hockey wives was truly moving.



1. "When [George] wants to get laid he puts on the Gucci shoes I bought him. It’s true. It's the only time he doesn't wear flip-flops.” Tiffany shares her stylish secret to marital bliss.

2. "In the new house I will have three washers and three dryers. I don't think that’s overly extravagant.” Nicole Brown, who is married to Dustin Brown, builds her dream house with Dustin's $8-million-a-year contract, once again juxtaposing her relatively cushy position in the NHL world with that of some of the less established players and their wives.

3. "Their husbands make six, eight, 10 times more than my husband makes. I’m this nobody that’s married to a guy that they’ve never heard of.” Emilie feels like a fish out of water at Brijet’s party, but her new role as the photographer puts her at ease.

4. "My jealousy makes us fight a lot. ‘Cause I see things when there’s none. I’m looking at his phone. I’m very nosy.” Maripier considers couple’s therapy with Brandon as the pair continue to fight.

5. “We went out one night with some friends… and these girls just kept coming over and flirting with Jason. I just sat back and laughed.” Kodette LaBarbera, who is married to Jason LaBarbera, isn’t at all jealous like Maripier.

6. "She’s wearing see-through lace pants… I’m like, ‘dude, who are you?’” Maripier meets Hollywood actress Noureen for the first time.

7. “You can’t really go around ripping each other’s hair out just because her husband tried to fight your husband for no reason.” Outspoken Noureen points out some awkwardness among a few of the wives during the party.

8. "I think MP is uncomfortable any time she is outside of Quebec because she knows that she loses her status.” Insightful Tiffany points out one of Maripier’s biggest insecurities during the party.

9. “In hockey life there’s big pressure. Some people – even with Maripier – they think if you’re not engaged and not married and don't have a ring on your finger then it’s a big deal. They talk about it so much.” Martine can sense a hint of jealousy in Maripier’s reaction to her enormous engagement ring.

10. "Hockey kind of brings us together but it’s our friendships that remain.” At the end of the day, Brijet toasts to the women's friendships and sense of community.