VIDEO Exclusive: 'Hockey Wives' star Maripier Morin on why a ring is not 'a proof of love'​

VIDEO Exclusive: 'Hockey Wives' star Maripier Morin on why a ring is not 'a proof of love'​

“I would like to believe that I’m the fun one,” says Hockey Wives star Maripier Morin, who has been dating Montreal Canadiens winger Brandon Prust for five years. The bubbly TV host is one of the “wives” who appear on the popular W network reality series – despite the fact that Maripier, 28, is the only castmate who is neither married nor engaged to her NHL beau.

"I don’t feel any differently just because I don’t have a ring on my finger,” she exclusively tells Hello! Canada. "That's not, to me, a proof of love."

In a city teeming with so-called “puck bunnies,” the French-Canadian beauty has no tolerance for cheating, but her biggest fear is actually if Brandon were to be traded to another city. They are, after all, unwed and have no plans to marry. How would their relationship last?

Judging from last week's teaser, it seems no-nonsense Tiffany Parros is due to dish out some tough love to her younger counterpart. “You guys aren’t married yet," says Tiffany, adding, "You need to be thinking about you, not you and Brandon.”

Maripier and Brandon have been dating for five years. Photo © W network

On the show, we’ve seen career-driven (and overworked) Maripier on the verge of a mental breakdown and lacking moral support at the very moment when she needed her beau the most. On the flipside, we’ve also seen her and the hockey player work things out, standing by one another through difficult times – a tribute to their lasting love.

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"If Brandon cheated on me, I would cut his balls off. Cut them off and make him eat them,” she told audiences in the first episode with a cheeky grin, instantly cementing her status as a fan favourite.

Here, Maripier opens up about being on reality TV, her relationship with Brandon and how she sometimes doesn't think before she speaks!

Hockey Wives airs on Wednesdays at 10 pm (EST) on W network.'


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