Then and now: The cast of 'Mad Men' on the show and their characters

By Nelson Branco

Then and now: The cast of 'Mad Men' on the show and their characters

It’s the end of a TV era: Critically acclaimed and widely beloved AMC series Mad Men will air its bittersweet finale next month. As the last episodes unspool, fans are speculating the fate of their favourite characters while preparing to mourn the series' end.

It was like a funeral,” Elisabeth Moss described the last day of shooting.

Created by Sopranos producer and writer Matthew Weiner, the sophisticated cable soap opera came along at the right time in the zeitgeist - not only did it give viewers another dark and relevant series to embrace after Sopranos left the air waves just weeks before, but it also saved future star Jon Hamm’s fledgling acting career.

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“After decades of struggling, I was ready to quit acting and move away from Hollywood,” a relatively unknown Jon told Hello Canada back in 2007. “I was sick of waiting tables. I had given myself a deadline to make it in Hollywood and I was ready to throw in the towel, and then Mad Men came along. When I read the script, I thought it was so amazing and brilliant that I told Matt I’d carry garbage just to be a part of this TV series . After 5 auditions, I got it. Which was amazing because they were looking at big-name movie stars for Don.”

The bold and vivid series initially depicted the changing social mores of early 1960s America when racism, sexism and corporate propaganda ruled the day. Today, Don Draper and company find themselves in the evolving '70s as the characters grapple with their individual and collective karma.

Hello Canada was lucky to interview the cast of Mad Men when the series debuted in 2007, and again this year as the final episodes drew close. We revisit what our favourite stars said then and now in homage to the series everyone is mad about.


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