Zooey Deschanel shows off her baby bump on 'Jimmy Kimmel'

Zooey Deschanel shows off her baby bump on 'Jimmy Kimmel'

Pregnant Zooey Deschanel was positively glowing as she arrived for her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live this week. Showing off her growing baby bump, the New Girl star – who is expecting her first child this summer – smiled and waved eagerly to fans as she made her way into the television studio in Los Angeles.

The 35-year-old actress wore a loose-fitting striped smock top and skinny jeans, which she accessorized with the diamond engagement ring given to her by fiancé Jacob Pechenik.

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Speaking to Jimmy Kimmel, former vegetarian Zooey joked about her pregnancy diet and said she would struggle if her food was limited even more.

“You can’t eat so many things if you’re pregnant! If I was vegan, I’d just be like…” before listing the foods she is missing since getting pregnant. “You can’t have sushi, you can’t have cheese that tastes good. You can have a little bit [of coffee], but I would have like four cups a day, and now I can have half of a cup which is a total joke.

“You can’t have alcohol, I miss that – I love wine!”

Zooey Deschanel said she wants to keep her baby’s gender a surprise

Meanwhile, the actress revealed that she and her fiancé want to be “surprised” by the gender of their baby.

“We are gonna be surprised… It’s more fun! Make it into a game!” she said.

Zooey announced that she was expecting her first child with the film producer on 13 January, telling People: “Jacob and I are over the moon. We are so excited to meet our little one.”

The loved-up pair confirmed that they were engaged just a week later. The couple first began dating in the summer of 2014 after they met on the set of Rock the Kasbah, which Jacob was producing.

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