Brad Smith on 'Bachelor Canada' Episode 3: Why I'm eating my words from last week!

Brad Smith on 'Bachelor Canada' Episode 3: Why I'm eating my words from last week!

The last time I heard “We’re going to Cabo,”I was watching Laguna Beach. But, enough time has passed between virtual reality-TV visits that I’m excited to go back! I’m looking forward to glamour shots on the beach and (as a guy) ample shots of bikini-clad ladies! So let the dating begin…

First up for a one-on-one? Lisa. She’s been made out early in the season to be the anti-hero but this will be our first chance as viewers to get to know her. Usually you wait until after the date to jump off the bridge, but Tim is going counter-intuitive on this one! I give Lisa credit for handling what could have been a tough situation like a champ. This had me truly excited to see them interact and see Lisa’s personality - come on, girls from Calgary everywhere are banking on you!

Once again, Lisa doesn’t disappoint! You can tell Tim likes her and I’m thinking it’s because she comes across as different from any of the other girls. She’s laid back, seem ultra low-maintenance and, best of all, she’s got some goofy sass. So girls of Calgary, rejoice! What seemed like early tension was probably just first-night nerves, so I’m glad I’m finding myself cheering for her and hope Canada gets on board!


I eat my words, and I eat them wholeheartedly! Last week I might have inferred that Kaylynn was being a bit of a drama Queen. Nope! Martha’s attempts at dealing with other people’s issues are crass, at best! I feel for Kaylynn…yes, the girls are very sensitive, but I forget sometimes that their relationship is still 13-1 and that’s mired in insecurity. Plus, I’ve only ever experienced the 1-13, which somehow feels a bit more secure. Sorry, Kaylynn!

Tim decides to take Sachelle, Martha, April Borgnetta and Jenny (who I am most excited to finally see) to do a Mexican dance! The best sport during the dance, as judged by Tim, wins a one-on-one. Lisa might be vilified early on, but now it’s definitely Martha. The negativity is palpable through the screen. So I find myself cheering extra hard for each of the other three girls! We’ve already gotten to know Sachelle and, as much as I’d like to see more of April Borgnetta, it’s time to give Canada a proper intro to Jenny! She seems too interesting to pass up.

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The dance wasn’t actually too bad, and as much as I’d like to chirp Tim for being the “Fourth Amigo” and touring Mexican dancing in a 16th century pirate shuffle, he was a great sport! I couldn’t imagine doing that, dressed like that, in front of the girls and a crowd of onlookers - good job!

Sachelle ultimately gets the one-on-one and, after a very cute dinner, we learn that both Tim and Sachelle have come to the Bachelor Canada through a series of heartbreaks and bad choices in partners…and that they are into each other, big time! I’d have to put his overall connection with Sachelle up there with April Brockman and Kaylynn but, for me, it’s just good to see a “girl next door” contestant have such a great reaction from the Bachelor.


Kaylynn races through the hotel unimpeded to mysteriously find Tim’s room (insert question mark here!) But after finding out she wasn’t going to get a date, I still applaud her. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience and time to take things into your own hands. I don’t think Kaylynn will be there until the very end (I could be wrong), but she’s clearly someone you find yourself getting behind!

Here we go Cabo, finally – the volleyball date! Yes! But wait: because Tim now feels he’s not getting enough time with certain women, they are cancelling the team volleyball date? Kaylynn, I was just starting to cheer for you! Tim decides to spend the day on the beach with all the women and is sending four home at the rose ceremony. To be honest, it makes me feel bad for those who didn’t get their own date!

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The one who I think has nothing to worry about, April Brockman, gets ahead of herself and just needs some time alone. Tim, of course, chases her down the beach, leaving the biggest group date in Bachelor history wondering, “really?”

But after a week in Mexico with not nearly enough bathing suits, I think we deserved Tim and April’s romp in the water. And April’s actions definitely show that she’s taking matters into her own hands and, trust me, it’s in the bag!


And then, slow tear - Martha, Christine, April Borgnetta and Jenny are sent home!

Christine: We hardly knew ya.

April Borgnetta: Honestly, you seem like a gigantic sweetheart who deserves nothing but the best - and we in Canada wish it for you!

Martha: Should have taken it easy on poor Kaylynn!

Jenny: I’m baffled by this exit and ultimate lack of getting to know you! You seemed like a front-runner from night one and, as a fan, I’m sad that my final memory will be that of your best dance move: the sprinkler!

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