Take Five With… Amber Marshall: What the 'Heartland' star can't live without

Take Five With… Amber Marshall: What the 'Heartland' star can't live without

She’s charmed fans for seven years as Amy Fleming on Heartland (Sundays, CBC). In that time, Amber Marshall has proven she’s as comfortable by the stables as she is on the red carpet. But which does she prefer? Here, the actress tells us what truly makes her feel at home.

I am so fortunate to have a home filled with love. I can’t imagine battling the world without it. My husband, Shawn [Turner], has been so incredibly supportive of everything I do and is always there at the end of each hectic day. We share our home with 31 animals and each one has their own unique bond with Shawn and I. (Don’t worry, only three of those 31 live in the house with us, the rest have their own space in the farmyard.)

My animals bring me so much joy. You can never have a bad day when hanging out with them. In my home I have my two dogs, Remi and China, and Mouzer our cat. In the farmyard we have five horses, five cows, chickens, a couple more cats and a rabbit. My border collie China comes to work on set with me every day, and she has been the best assistant I could ever ask for. I can’t help but smile when I see her happy face looking back at me from her hiding spot in the tall grass while we film.

Our fast-paced lives can cause us to overlook the important things. Each day brings new motivation, and for me, it comes from my surroundings. Even spending a few hours sitting in the pasture watching the horses graze can be so inspirational. There is something so simple and calming about it.

Living in the country gives me plenty of physical work where I can be active in ways I crave. I am busy by nature and love to work hard. Managing a farm means there is always something to be done, and I enjoy the tasks. Mending fences, cleaning stalls and building new enclosures keeps my mind fresh and my body in good shape.

My rural property provides me with space to live freely and openly. Growing up in the city, I never imagined what having lots of land would feel like. Now having lived in the country for six years, I would never be happy returning to the city. I love to look out my window and see nothing but rolling hills and the animals happily playing.

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