Jane Lynch spills the hilarious 'Mascots' character trait that was left on the cutting room floor

Jane Lynch spills the hilarious 'Mascots' character trait that was left on the cutting room floor

The premiere of Netflix's Mascots at TIFF has brought Emmy winner Jane Lynch back to the festival for the first time in a decade, and the actress couldn't be happier to be reunited with Parker Posey, Bob Balaban, Fred Willard and more of the gang known for hilarious Christopher Guest films like For Your Consideration and Waiting for Guffman.

"The Toronto Film Festival loves Chris’s movies, the first time I came here was with Best in Show," she told Hello! when we caught up at the InterContinental Yorkville. "We’ve premiered every single one of them here, which is fantastic."

Jane Lynch, Christopher Guest, Parker Posey and Susan Yeagley. Photo: © Getty Images

The latest of the director's side-splitting tales, streaming on Netflix on Oct. 13, explores the world of professional mascots, set at a competition where they vie for the coveted "Gold Fluffy." Jane's Gabby Monkhouse (formerly Minnie the Moose) is now a judge, having been forced to retire her suit when a freak accident left her with one leg longer than the other.

"[Christopher] throws us a really well-defined character, he gives us a great back story, and then we usually have a couple of months before we start shooting, so in that time we get to prepare and create it," she says. "I prepare more for these movies than I do for anything else. Because in order to have the right to improvise, you’ve got to know who you are and how this character would respond in any situation."

Jane Lynch's Gabby Monkhouse with fellow judges played by Michael Hitchcock, Ed Begley Jr. and Don Lake. Photo: © Netflix

This also means some comic gold gets left on the cutting room floor. "I went online to listen to how a moose actually vocalizes, so I did this whole thing about how I was down, it was a very sad part of the story of my life, and I said I went into the woods and howled like a moose." A quick demonstration made it clear that Jane had done her homework!

And as for her co-stars, Jane says it's a no-brainer as to who would make the best mascot in real life. "Fred Willard! Because he’s, and this isn’t a derogatory comment, but he’s a clown. I think about the jokes and he’s... yah, absolutely."

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