Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima's secrets to slaying on the red carpet

Victoria's Secret model Adriana Lima's secrets to slaying on the red carpet

When it comes to making a splash on the red carpet, no one does it better than one of the world's top models. From runways to the Promenade de la Croisette in Cannes, Victoria's Secret Angel Adriana Lima always slays regardless of the occasion.


To celebrate the 2016 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), the mother of two let Hello! in on her secret formula for killing it on the red carpet or a night on the town. From how to avoid wardrobe malfunctions to the style icons that inspire her to up her game, Adriana shares her tips on how to always achieve a flawless fashion moment.

Who do you think are the most glamorous red carpet icons in Hollywood? I prefer to follow fashion from old Hollywood actresses. I am inspired by actresses like Sophia Loren. She has a glamorous and classic look that I absolutely love.

How do you avoid wardrobe malfunctions and /or red carpet mishaps? My best hack for avoiding a wardrobe malfunction is making sure you try on what you are wearing ahead of the event and make sure every piece is functioning. I also think it helps to make sure you’re wearing the right Victoria’s Secret lingerie underneath as well!

The mother of two always makes her mark on the red carpet.

How is dressing for a film festival different from other major red carpet events? I’ve only been to Cannes but I think dressing for a film festival is different because there is press from all over the world so you need to look and feel your best. I like to dress with old Hollywood-retro style since that makes me feel sexy and glamorous.

What's one of the biggest mistakes you've made on the red carpet? I haven’t had a major mistake … yet!

Adriana in Givenchy Haute Couture gown at the 2014 Met Gala.

What has been the most memorable event you have attended? The first time I attended the Met Gala made me SO nervous. It was a crazy but something I will always remember.

Can you share your number one tip for looking fierce on the red carpet or a night out on the town? My top tip for standing out on a red carpet is to feel comfortable and be confident in what you wear. If you feel good then it shows through on the carpet.

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