Elle Fanning talks beauty at TIFF: 'I feel like I'm afraid of lipstick'

Elle Fanning talks beauty at TIFF: 'I feel like I'm afraid of lipstick'

Elle Fanning is winning praise for her performance as a transgender boy in About Ray, but during her time at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) the 17-year-old is also winning some serious style points on the red carpet. Along with costars Susan Sarandon and Naomi Watts, Elle walked the red carpet at the film's premiere and chatted about the film and her beauty look.

Elle looked stunning on the red carpet for the premiere of About Ray. Photo: © Getty Images

"I always do something with my eye," she told us. "It’s funny because I feel like I’m scared of lipstick. My sister’s 21, I’m like 'OK, she’s old enough to wear lipstick'. Because when I was little that was what my mom does. I looked up to that."

For now, the blond beauty is all about playing up her peepers, which she lined in a gorgeous shade of eggplant. "I’ll stick to the eye for now," she continued. "Maybe when I’m a little older you’ll see me with lipstick on."

The beautiful cast of About Ray includes Naomi Watts and Susan Sarandon. Photo © Getty Images

Elle paired her striking eye makeup with a black-and-white gown featuring a plunging halter neckline and cascading white ruffles. She let the stunning Pucci creation stand out by keeping accessories to a minimum.

This was in stark contrast to the masculine wardrobe Elle wore to play Ray. "He wears a lot of layers because he wants to hide those curves that are not wanted," she explained. "But everyday I wore a chest binder. I talked to transgender guys and they said, `Here’s the brand that we get.’ It’s called T Kingdom."

Naomi, who plays Ray's mother, was also radiant on the red carpet in a pink pantsuit with a red lapel, while Susan, who took on the role of Ray's grandmother, slipped into a white jumpsuit.

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