​TIFF hot spots: Storys, a multi-level A-list paradise with Byblos restaurant

​TIFF hot spots: Storys, a multi-level A-list paradise with Byblos restaurant

To give you an idea of just how hot Storys is when the Toronto International Film Festival rolls into town, the 2013 alcohol bill reportedly surpassed the $100,000 mark.

That’s a lot of toasts when you break it down, but it’s not surprising considering the Charles Khabouth-owned lounge seesa who's who of Hollywood royalty during festival season.

Last year, Viggo Mortensen, Jenna Malone and Richard Gere partied at Storys. In 2013, the space is said to have hosted 40 events, including premiere parties for Daniel Radcliffe’s hotly anticipatedHorns, Can a Song Save Your Life, Man of Tai Chiand more.

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Other guests have included Patricia Arquette, Tom Felton, Toni Collette, Marion Cotillard, Jessica Lange, Elle Fanning, Christina Hendricks,Harvey Weinstein, Vanessa Paradis, Elizabeth Olsen and Juno Temple– and that’s just a drop in the bucket of names who whisk in and out on any given evening.

Elle Fanning and Christina Hendricks at 'Ginger and Rosa' party at Storys © Getty

Storys reportedly requires more than 110 employees during the festival and work is being done at all hours to perfect the stream of events.

Storys is also home to the two-level restaurant Byblos, a must-try for the city's influx of A-listers. The Middle Eastern restaurant opened in late March, 2014 with a menu conceived by Stuart Cameron (formerly of Patria and Weslodge, proven TIFF favourites), and it features classic dishes from the Middle East made with local and regional ingredients. The bar offerings are equally luxe, as Wes Galloway developed a cocktail-driven menu with tipples served by the glass or in shareable ceramic punch bowls.

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