Shinan Govani: Jane Fonda doesn't do TIFF cobblestone, and a certain colour-blind actor

Shinan Govani: Jane Fonda doesn't do TIFF cobblestone, and a certain colour-blind actor

Jane Fonda pulled up to The Distillery District here on Sunday night, rolled down her window in slow motion, gazed out majestically and told her driver to just keep on truckin’.

No way am I getting on that cobblestone: her final answer. Alas, if anyone's earned the right to not trollop in high heels on cobblestone it is, clearly, the 76-year-old been-there-done-all-that, two-time Oscar winner.

Lucky for us there was plenty of other wattage at the east-side party, presented by Audi and held following the kooks-filled premiere of This Is Where I Leave You. Away from the main TIFF storm, and inside the newly spiffy Cluny restaurant, Fonda's Warner Bros. cast-mates: Tina Fey, Adam Driver, Jason Bateman, Corey Stoll, Connie Britton. Essentially, the plainly cool, smarty-pants high school cafeteria table of all our dreams.

Tina Fey Photo: George Pimentel Photography/Audi Canada.

High school cafeteria food this was not, though, what with the macaroons pilled high, just calling to be made into a Pinterest spread, and the oysters and other goodies just going and going. The within-ear-shots were just as delicious, no surprise. “I had a roommate in college that was German,” Tina was saying to someone, as I drifted by her. I'm not sure what the punch-line was…but I'm sure there was one. Ms. Bossypants looked amazing, did I mention?

Adam and Corey stuck mostly together, meanwhile, in a kind of Girls-does-House-of-Cards mash-up. Clearly, the former was the only ex-marine in the room, Adam actually having served in the forces before he found fame on HBO and wound up gracing the cover of GQ! Connie, who's followed up her career-making turn in Friday Night Lights with a heartfelt lead in TV's Nashville, couldn't have been more receptive.

Connie Britton Photo: George Pimentel Photography/Audi Canada.

I only have one question for you, Connie, I said to her, whose flowing tresses, this eve, were worthy of a TIFF premiere of their own. (It's a mane, certainly, that's inspired blogs and at least one Twitter handle, over the years.) “Where is your own hair commercial?” I asked her. “I don't know!” Connie erupted. “I gotta get my agent on that!”


I didn't know I was getting into when I asked the congenial Eddie Redmayne what colour his tres chic suit was, at a party following his premiere of The Theory of Everything. Was it turquoise? Was it green? Robin's Egg Blue? Turns out he's colour blind! “Totally,” he said to me. His publicist, who's obviously full-service, interpreted for him: “more green than blue,” she confirmed.

Eddie Redmayne (right) at the Audi event © Getty

Hanging with his Spidey pal Andrew Garfield at the paella-packed party at Patria, the Burberry-wearing Eddie was overwhelmed with compliments about his performance as Stephen Hawking in the biopic that just rolled. The reaction on Twitter from the cognescenti? Ditto. “Eddie Redmayne is a lock for an Oscar nomination,” a Variety critic trilled. “I do believe Eddie has earned a trip to the Kodak Theatre,” a likewise Oscar-watcher pronounced. “I'm biopic-averse,” a Vanity Fair writer.

His co-star in the film, Felicity Jones – who was at the party, too, and is also getting similar Oscar buzz – looked pretty in pink. Or was it coral? Just don't ask Eddie.

Scene! Heard!

Reese Witherspoon Photo: George Pimentel Photography/Audi Canada

  • * Reese Witherspoon being ageless and on-it at Nota Bene, on Queen.
  • * Bill Nighy making a gallant getaway from Brassaii, on King.
  • * “No plan for a Fourth Iron Man,” Robert Downey Jr telling people while at TIFF.
  • * Laura Dern blithely indulging selfies outside of Soho House.
  • * Jennifer Connelly, directed by her own husband for TIFF premiere Shelter, jokes that her husband's first choice was actually Jessica Chastain. She follows up: “It was extraordinary having this experience with somebody I've been married to for 11 years.”
  • * Sigourney Weaver getting a personally guided tour of the new Montecito, on Adelaide - by Ivan Reitman!
  • * Channing Tatum and others hanging out until 2 a.m. at the seriously star-speckled Instyle/Hollywood Foreign Press Association party, held at Windsor Arms, as usual.

Channing Tatum © Getty

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