Shinan Govani: Jessica, Chloe, Denzel, Richard and more mount the CN tower for Armani

Shinan Govani: Jessica, Chloe, Denzel, Richard and more mount the CN tower for Armani

“I'm his eyes and his ears,” Roberta Armani was saying, tracing one languorous finger from one of her eyes to one of her ears.

We were at the top of the city, going in circles – at the crest of the CN Tower – when the direct-from-Milan host dished to me about her role inside uncle Giorgio's billion-dollar global fashion brand. As the chief envoy and gatekeeper for Armani, she is legendary, the possessor of one of the world's best rolodexes, and brandishes the kind of courtly European manners that one doesn't see too much anymore. On-call for anything too, presumably, whether it's personally holding Anne Hathaway's hand whilst getting her into an Oscar gown, or even planning an entire wedding, if need be – those Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes nuptials, ahem, – or, well, zipping into Toronto to throw a large party at the city's defining landmark on the Saturday of TIFF.

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“We thought CN Tower...why not?” the forty-something Roberta cooed, as we looked out at the spread of the city from some 553.33 miles high. Some yards away, here, Jessica Chastain sat keenly talking to Chloe Grace Moretz; an I'm-here-to-stay-a-while Denzel Washington wowed; Laura Dern made all-new fans; that itty-bitty Oscar nominee Quvenzhane Wallis beamed like she was at Baskin-Robbins and world-renowned DJ and producer Mark Ronson rather succesfully worked the dance-voodoo.

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“I love her,” Jessica, for one, told me, when we caught up, and the conversation turned to Roberta. “She's a good friend.”

Image: George Pimentel Photography

Stylish, in that effortlessly Italian way, the hostess of the evening even indugled some memory lane-ing when our conversation turned to Richard Gere. The actor, of course, made an indelible mark on fashion, and on the legacy of one particular Italian brand, when his panther-like character in American Gigolo donned Armani liked nobody's business. This was just as Italian tailoring was taking over the look of the early 80s, and the rumour still circulates, even today, that Richard can walk into any Armani store and select whatever he wants for free. That was how much he did to move merchandise, and make Giorgio into a name.

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“He's more Armani than I am!” Roberta joked to me now, going on to tell me that he was expected any moment at this Toronto cocktail party.

Image: George Pimentel Photography

That party, by the way, was to celebrate the fashion house's 'Films of City Frames' programe – an initiative that supported the work of emerging filmmakers, in concert with Luxottica, Rai cinema and six prestigious film schools. The students were given the task of creating short films that caugh moments, using Giorgio Armani's 'Frames of Life' glasses as a perceptual filter. No filter, alas, was needed - not at all - as I was ducking out of the Tower to move on to another trillion parties, and I ran smack into a certain world-famous Buddhist going into the soiree.

Richard looked cool and zen, and as ready as ever to take one of those 58-second elevators up to the top of the world.

Scene! Heard!

* September Vogue girl Cara Delevigne bringing a bit of Fashion Week here over the last few days, where she was spotted, among other places, at the AMC Supper Suite at the newly hatched America restaurant. Dressed in a men's tux, she was lunching – steak! shrimp! - with her The Face of an Angel co-star Kate Beckinsale.

* Tina Fey and Jason Bateman were among the must-meets at Entertainment Weekly's annual party, held this year in the lobby of Toronto's Thompson Hotel on Wellington.

* Will Ferrell went off the TIFF grid at Campagnolo, the local Italian fave on Dundas West.

* Holt Renfrew royales welcomed Jake Gyllenhaal and Rene Russo at a chic dinner hosted by Variety.

* Jon Stewart, debuting his directorial effort, Rosewater, in Toronto this weekend, waves away any possiblity of him actually going into politics one day. No way, man.

* Steve Carrell looked to be having a heart-to-heart with Vanessa Redgrave at Michelle's Brasserie, for the always-insidery Sony Classics dinner.

* Ben Stiller, Amanda Seyfriend, Naomi Watts, and Adam Driver did Grey Goose Soho House, on Simcoe, luxuriating in the giddy, just-in reviews of their new one, While We're Young, directed by Noah Baumbach.

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