TIFF Hot Spots: Director Ivan Reitman's Montecito

TIFF Hot Spots: Director Ivan Reitman's Montecito

Who are ya gonna call… for a reservation?

Canadian director and famed Ghostbusters producer Ivan Reitman added “restaurateur” to his resumé when he opened Montecito in 2014, a California-inspired restaurant located in Toronto’s Entertainment District.


Upscale yet warm, the 12,00-square-foot, 280-seat restaurant – named after Ivan’s wildly successful production company – quickly became a blockbuster hit with foodies and film buffs alike. Stars like Vega Farmiga, Robert Duvall, Kristen Bell and Robert Downey Jr. were among the roster of famous faces at the California-style eatery last year.

Conveniently located behind the TIFF Bell Lightbox Theatre at Reitman Square, the lavish, two-story space also features a 60-seat outdoor patio, which is sure to fill up fast during Festival Street, when traffic will be barred from King Street to make way for a pedestrian promenade.

Ivan and Jonathan Waxman.

Inside, Ivan's personal touches are everywhere — from the black-and-white movie stills adorning the dining room walls to the looped video of the view from his Montecito home that plays on a large projection screen.

The food, too, has been sprinkled with a little movie magic. Teaming up with New York chef Jonathan Waxman (of famed Barbuto), the daily menu features locally sourced, seasonal ingredients. There is, however, one must-try, signature dessert – the Ghostbusters-themed Stay Puft Marshmallow man baked Alaska.

Stay Puft Marshamallow man baked Alaska.

Open for brunch, lunch and dinner, the space also boasts a secret passageway from the theatre to the dining space, so celebrities can come and go undisturbed.