Duchess Kate wears stunning turquoise headscarf for visit to iconic Pakistan mosque

By Zach Harper

Duchess Kate wears stunning turquoise headscarf for visit to iconic Pakistan mosque

What’s your favourite look from Duchess Kate’s Pakistan tour wardrobe so far? This might be ours.

The Duchess of Cambridge chose a turquoise, gold-embroidered shalwar kameez for her visit to Lahore’s Badshahi Mosque with Prince William on Oct. 17, and she capped it off with a beautiful matching headscarf. The look was by Pakistani designer Maheen Khan, who Kate has worn four times during the tour so far. On her feet, Kate wore… nothing! Well, sort of. She was in stockings, while William was in socks. Both of them doffed their shoes as a sign of respect, which was also why Kate covered her head inside.

The couple removed their shoes as a sign of respect. Photo: © Owen Humphreys - Pool/Getty Images

While this was the couple’s first time visiting the mosque, other royals have been there before. Princess Diana travelled there in 1991 on her solo tour of the country. The Queen also paid a visit in 1961. Prince Charles and Duchess Camilla were the most recent royal guests, making the trip in 2006.

Kate has done an excellent job showcasing the work of Pakistani designers throughout the tour. Photo: © Chris Jackson/Getty Images

As mentioned, Kate has made Maheen Khan a big part of her tour looks so far. Earlier in the day, she arrived in Lahore wearing a scarf by the designer over a sharwal kameez by Gul Ahmed, which she also donned while playing cricket on a visit to the National Cricket Academy.

She wore Maheen Khan twice on Oct. 16, stepping out in white pants by the designer when she accompanied William in to meetings with Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan and President Arif Alvi, and in a blue shalwar kameez by Maheen at her first two engagements of the day.

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Kate and William’s brief and brisk royal tour of Pakistan ends on Oct. 18, which is also when they’re scheduled to return to the UK. That said, an electrical storm threw a bit of a wrench in their plans! They were trying to return to Islamabad from Lahore on the evening of Oct. 17, but were thwarted twice while trying to land at an air force base and commercial airport, prompting the pilot to turn back to Lahore and land there. As of this writing, it’s not known whether they’ll spend the evening in Lahore or try and make another go of it to land in Islamabad, or if they’ll just head there in the morning.

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