Fashion chameleon Fergie chats about her new line of footwear – and the royals!

By Caitlan Moneta

Fashion chameleon Fergie chats about her new line of footwear – and the royals!

The fabulous Fergie was in Toronto on Thursday (March 21) and looked stunning as ever as she showed off the spring 2019 collection for her Fergalicious by Fergie footwear brand. The singer, born Stacy Ann Ferguson, hit the Hudson’s Bay flagship store on Queen Street, wearing a stylish leather jacket and matching shorts. Appropriately, she was dressed in one of her own designs: a pair of leopard print stilettos, which she cleverly paired with a matching silk scarf.

Fergie looked like the total star she is in one of her own designs in Toronto this week! Photo: © George Pimentel/Getty Images

The Grammy Award-winner launched the fierce line of boots, flats and heels for women who embody “a flirtatious and fashion-forward spirit” and who also “aren’t afraid to rock the superstar style or a little edge,” according to its website. We would expect nothing else from the former Black Eyed Pea. Want to get your hands on a pair and put them on feet ASAP? The collection is now available through Hudson's Bay!

Here are some highlights from Fergie’s Q&A with HELLO! Canada’s Caitlan Moneta. The star shared her thoughts on her massive shoe closet (she has more than 300 pairs), her son Axl and the Royal Family!

HELLO! Canada: You are a fashion chameleon. How would you describe your style now?

Fergie: I’ve always felt pretty eclectic. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a mom, finding my lioness queen inside, but I love doing a beautiful, elegant moment. I have always had the rock’n’roll side, that’s an easy go to for me, like an urban cowgirl. I love the athleisure trend which is staying because it’s really a lifestyle. I love all of those different looks, it really just depends on my mood. But eclectic for sure, I like to change my mind, I’m a female.

These Viola wedge sandals are part of the spring 2019 collection from Fergalicious by Fergie. Photo: © Fergalicious by Fergie

Your shoes have a bohemian edge with crochet, wood and raffia details. How does that relate to your rock’n’roll aesthetic?

At a lot of the festivals that I’ve performed at throughout the world, the two interweave. There’s fluidity with the two genres for me. If you’re doing a feminine piece in one way, then you can harden it up with an edgier piece and they just flow together.

Where do you draw inspiration for your shoe designs? Was there a jumping off point for spring?

There are so many different stories for the different shoes because I get to make a lot of shoes. I’m a very lucky girl. I love the heritage, the basket weave, the different textures, like the raffia-wrapped wedge, the Belize. I love traveling the world, and a lot of those knits and crochets are interwoven into the styles.

Flats and sneakers are having a moment. How do you dress them up so you still feel confident and glamorous?

I like to find a fancier pair of slacks and throw those on with the flat and it elevates the whole look. You’re still fancy without having to commit to a heel, and you don’t always want to commit to a heel because we’re on the go, and women are doing a lot of different things, and coming into our power. You want to be able to run around and go from day to night as well.

Fergie always manages to look fantastic, even with a simple pair of flats and leather pants. The floral pattern on her shirt really adds an extra bit of classy flare to her rebel look! Photo: © SMXRF/Star Max/FilmMagic

Which pair will you be wearing on repeat this spring?

The Regal is amazing because you can wear it with a flowy dress. It’s got a nice see though side cut out, so it elongates the leg. But that isn’t a good one for a play date. The Wonder has what I call a mom heel because it has a little bit of height, but you can still go to the park, walk through the grass, hold your kid, making sure they’re safe, but you have that elevated height. And the pop of coral is perfect for spring, it’s a great colour for every skin tone.

I read you have more than 300 pairs of shoes and a custom-built shoe closet. What sparked your love of shoes?

I was a huge fan of Sex In The City , I always related to Carrie Bradshaw. Like with anything, your shoes are what you’re walking your path on. Whatever you’re manifesting in your path, you’re walking your own path. Nobody else is. It’s your spirit. I always say walk your path with pride, walk your path with confidence, walk your path with attitude. It is your journey, be patient with it, be loving, be kind. Use the streets as your runway. Shoes are a great metaphor for that because they’re always something that you can put with a look to show your unique sense of style. I love that about a shoe. You can always look at somebody’s nails or their shoes and it says something.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned since launching your own shoe line?

I’ve learned how to feel more comfortable being a boss of my own line and being an entrepreneur and being really comfortable in that. When I signed on as a partner of Caleres, we would have these meetings and it was a bit overwhelming. I would just be a sponge and I would really partner with their designers. Innately, I knew what I liked, but they would teach me the lingo and a lot about hardware and the details. I’ve started becoming more comfortable not only in my own skin but in my career in being a shoe designer.

Does your son Axl share your love of shoes?

I don’t think he’s as into clothes as I am, but I have fun putting him in some fun shoes. He’s just learning to tie laces at five and a half. He loves the Velcro and bright colours.

There’s a caged bootie in your collection called the Regal and your 2006 album was named The Dutchess – lots of references to the monarchy. Are you a royal fan?

I think we’re all a bit obsessed with the royal family. As you know, I’ve obviously had the pun with Fergie and the Dutchess, and that was kind of a laugh. I definitely have a fascination with [the monarchy] and I love to watch, just like everybody else.

Are there any particular royal moments you can’t miss?

Day to day, I love to know what Meghan and Kate are wearing!

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