Did you catch these stars representing Time's Up on the red carpet?

By Jessica Pollack

Did you catch these stars representing Time's Up on the red carpet?

It's been a year since the Golden Globes red carpet saw a parade of black gowns in support of the Time's Up movement, but stars like Charlize Theron and Amy Adams still wore their beliefs on their wrists (and purses!) as the 2019 awards season kicked off in style. The movement to end sexual harassment in the workplace and herald gender equality, now called Time's Up X2, is still going strong.

"We learned a lot in 2018," says the Time's Up site. "First, there is safety in numbers. Second, there is strength in numbers. And finally, everything will change when we have more women, especially women of color and women from other traditionally underrepresented groups, making decisions. Period." With a new goal in sight, the movement is as strong as ever. "That’s why, at the beginning of our second year, we’re launching TIME’S UPx2, to double the number of women in leadership and across other spaces where women are underrepresented."

A host of men and women on the red carpet were keen to stand by the cause. See their Time's Up nods below...

Charlize Theron

Amy Adams

Amber Heard

Julianne Moore

Olivia Colman

Laura Dern

Rachel Brosnahan

Emma Stone

Alyssa Milano


Anne Hathaway

Lucy Liu

Edgar Ramirez

Catriona Balfe

Yvonne Strahovski

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