Jennifer Aniston reveals what she took from Rachel Green's closet on 'Friends'

Jennifer Aniston reveals what she took from Rachel Green's closet on 'Friends'

When Jennifer Aniston's iconic run as Rachel Green on Friends came to an end, the actress was sure to snag a few of the key pieces from her character's wardrobe. With '90s-inspired duds making a comeback, the 47-year-old recently revealed the era-appropriate items that made the cut.

During an interview with Vogue, Jennifer said: "I have certain things I have yet to throw away from my days on Friends. My red squared-toe loafers might actually be making a comeback, that's awesome."

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And while a lot of us have at least one pair of high-waisted jeans in our closets now, Jennifer – and Rachel – jumped on the trend over two decades ago.

She continued: "See, it's coming back – I knew it. I also have those nice high-waisted jeans. I'm so glad I didn't throw any of those."

It's not just Rachel's amazing closet that fans love; her hairstyle, especially in the earlier seasons of the hit TV show, sparked a huge trend.

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But one person who wasn't a fan of 'The Rachel' was Jennifer. Speaking to Glamour last year, she explained: "That was kind of cringe-y for me."

Revealing the cut was too hard to maintain, Rachel continued: "Looking back – honestly, even during that time – I couldn't do it on my own.

"I needed [hairstylist] Chris [McMillan] attached to my hip. Left to my own devices, I am not skilled with a hairbrush and blow dryer."

But that's not the only hairstyle Jennifer regrets. Recalling one from the 80s, Jen added to Vogue: "There was a period where I cut my hair really, really short. It was long on top, short on the sides. I think right above the ears, about an inch above, I shaved my head, and that was kind of a really bad look."

We bet she still rocked it…

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