Lily Aldridge's daughter Dixie loves Gigi Hadid

By Alexandra Hurtado

Lily Aldridge's daughter Dixie loves Gigi Hadid

Victoria’s Secret Angel Lily Aldridge has the honour of wearing the spectacular Fantasy Bra in the brand's 2015 fashion show, and as HELLO! found out backstage at the Lexington Armory in New York, the 29-year-old is eager to show it off. “I just cannot wait to get on the runway, get my looks on and go work it," she said.

Backstage, Lily poses with the stunning Fantasy Bra. Photo: © WireImage

The supermodel will have two special cheerleaders in the audience on Tuesday (Nov. 10), her mother and musician husband Caleb Followill. As much as she loves their support, the angel admits that knowing where her husband is seated during the show makes her slightly anxious. “I try not to know where he is cause then it makes me extra nervous,” she said. Unfortunately for the model, someone spilled this year's seating chart meaning Lily knows exactly where she'll see his smiling face. “I’ll give him a little wink and a kiss,” she revealed.

One member of the model’s family who won’t be present to see her walk the runway live is her 3-year-old daughter, Dixie. Instead, the mother-daughter duo will watch the show when it airs in December. “I show my daughter the next morning cause it airs a little late for a 3-year-old,” Lily said.

Lily went on to reveal that little Dixie is a supermodel in the making, always trying to mimic her model mom as they watch the Victoria's Secret show together. She also gives shout-outs to her mother's girlfriends on the runway. She explained, “[Dixie] knows all my friends. She’ll be like ‘That’s mommy!’ ‘There’s Candice.’ ‘There’s Behati.’"

Gigi Hadid is one of Lily's closest friends. Photo: © Getty Images

Lily’s daughter is already familiar with one of the newer faces to grace the Victoria’s Secret catwalk this year, Gigi Hadid. Lily added, “[Dixie] loves Gigi. Gigi and her FaceTime.”

Alessandra Ambrosio has fun backstage. Photo: © Getty Images

Fellow VS Angel Alessandra Ambrosio also revealed on Tuesday that she enjoys watching the taped show with her daughter Anja. She told HELLO!, "She loves it." And like mother like daughter, Anja loves to act like her supermodel mom "blowing kisses" on the runway. "I think she does [it] better than any of us," Alessandra said. "She does it more real than any of the girls here, so she’s pretty good, you know, she just pretends."

Watch Lily, Alessandra and Gigi take the runway in this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion show airing December 8 on CBS.

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