Karl Lagerfeld casts Kristen Stewart in his Coco Chanel biopic

Karl Lagerfeld casts Kristen Stewart in his Coco Chanel biopic

Kristen Stewart is set to step into an iconic pair of double-c shoes as she takes on the role of Coco Chanel in a new biopic directed by Karl Lagerfeld. The 25-year-old actress’s work will premiere at the Chanel Metiérs d’Arts show in Rome later this year.

CLICK ON PHOTOS FOR FULL GALLERYKarl Lagerfeld has chosen Kristen Stewart to star in his new film

Karl admitted that he had been drawn to Kristen as his leading lady after she impressed him during auditions with her unique take on the role.

She played it really, really mean,” he told WWD. “You only see her in tests and she’s complaining about everything. She’s mean with the director; mean with the producer.”

The 81-year-old, who came up with the plot, dialogue, costumes and casting, also revealed why he has decided to produce the film, which takes a fictional behind-the-scenes look at a producer trying to make a biopic about Coco.

They make so many movies about Chanel, why can’t I make one?” he mused.

Kristen will have the starring role in the biopic about Coco Chanel

It comes as no surprise that Kristen has landed the new role. The Twilight star has been a muse for Karl in recent years, and has gone on to star in various campaigns for Chanel, alongside regularly appearing on the front row of the iconic French fashion house’s show during Fashion Week.

Typically I wouldn’t see myself as being the quintessential face of Chanel with the pearls and the classics," she told Grazia after announcing she would be working with the brand last year. "But I liked stepping into that role and this suits me a little bit more than past collections because it is very American.”

The actress joins a line-up of stars including Keira Knightley, Nicole Kidman, Gisele Bündchen, Cara Delevingne and Pharrell Williams, all of whom have starred in short films directed by Karl for Chanel.

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