Reebok, Nike, Adidas, Brooks: 11 sneakers and running shoes for 2015

Reebok, Nike, Adidas, Brooks: 11 sneakers and running shoes for 2015

When it comes to your summer fitness regime, now is the time to hit the ground running – literally. Aside from the fact that it can be done anywhere, any time, running is one of the best exercises for improving cardiovascular health and maintaining an active lifestyle. Plus, pounding the pavement has never looked so appealing!

Just ask the Duchess of Cambridge's sister, Pippa Middleton, whose sporty physique (and world-famous derrière) is the result of many completed marathons, including a 50-mile endurance race across Scotland ahead of the Royal Wedding in 2011. Canadian blond bombshell Pamela Anderson, too, knows a thing or two about running – she did, after all, became famous for jogging on the beach in a skimpy red bathing suit – and at age 47, she still credits running for her incredible figure.

Pippa Middleton is an avid runner. Photo © Getty

Best of all, running, jogging or walking can be done at any pace and requires little to no investment, aside from a great pair of sneakers.

So, how to find the right shoe for you? Head to a retail store that will offer to examine the shape of your arches and assess your gait. By looking at your foot and asking you questions about your goals and any injuries, they can better recommend the best shoe for your needs.

Bring your old runners with you when shopping,” recommends Sporting Life Footwear buyer Nathalie Guimond. “That gives salespeople insight into how you wear out your footwear and where you might need the most support.”


You may think you know your shoe size, but Brooks shoe guru Sarah McBean advises shoppers to ask the store staff to double check. "When you run, your toes flex and spread with each step," she says. "Make sure you have at least a thumbnail’s space between the tip of the shoe and your toes when you are standing up. It’s not uncommon to go up half a size or more, especially for women who, with heels on, tend to have a closer fit."

Whether you’re a super-sporty marathon runner looking for all the bells and whistles or a laidback summer stroller seeking stylish yet comfortable kicks, Hello! rounds up the best new sneakers and runners of 2015.

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