Top 10 high street picks of the week: Festival meets fashionable

By Ally Dean

Top 10 high street picks of the week: Festival meets fashionable

Friends, we are on the verge of a fashion pandemic. This annual style hijack may be championed by stars like Vanessa Hudgens and Bella Thorne, but here at Hello! it is also know as Festival-Fashion Craze. No one is safe. The free-loving, crowd-surfing bohemian inside of all of us threatens to break out of her respectable tailored blazers and pencil skirts in favour of layers upon layers of turquoise necklaces, fringe vests and press-on tattoos.

How many silver bangles are too many silver bangles? (Answer: Trick question - you can never have too many.)

Vanessa Hudgens at Coachella. Photo: © Getty Images

With Coachella on the horizon and the lyrical offerings of SXSW still stuck in our heads (admit it, Florence and the Machine has been on repeat all week), flower crowns have crept out of the field party and into our everyday, workspace attire.

And it needs to stop.

We are all for a well-styled maxi dress or artfully laced up gladiator sandal, but the key is to have it read more workspace, less Woodstock.

To satisfy your inner hippie while maintaining your professional reputation, we’ve rounded up the top festival-inspired must-haves for under $150. Add these items into your existing wardrobe for a touch of festival flare that whispers (rather than shouts) 'I’m with the band.' Fringe accessories, oversized sunnies and dangling jewelry items reminiscent of The Lumineers' “Flowers in her Hair” music video become office appropriate when worn in a muted, lavender-based colour palette and featuring edgy, metallic details.

Festival-meets-fashionable styling, achieved.


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