​Princess Diana’s top 15 spring style moments

​Princess Diana’s top 15 spring style moments

Princess Diana knew how to dress stylishly for every season, but the sophisticated royal truly outshone herself in the springtime. The late “People’s Princess” embraced florals, pastels and jaunty hats in milder weather, putting a spring in everyone’s step with her zest for life and her fun, fearless aesthetic.

Whether she was frolicking with Princes William and Harry on the lawns of Buckingham Palace or attending a garden engagement, the princess was always effortlessly fashion-forward even while braving the elements outdoors thanks to her impeccable spring wardrobe.


Sporting a baby-pink suit or a cornflower-blue shirtdress, Diana added intrigue to an outfit with a well-chosen accessory, like a pair of statement earrings or paparazzi-blocking aviator sunglasses. And despite her royal status, the mother of two loved having fun with fashion, donning costume jewelry and even a baseball cap whenever the occasion saw fit.

Princess Diana's top 15 winter style moments

Who can forget Diana’s penchant for polka-dot dresses or her casual, chic cardigans? Some of her best springtime outfits have even inspired the Duchess of Cambridge, née Kate Middleton, who is also famously fond of polka dots, floral patterns and pastels (both princesses look particularly radiant in pale yellow!).

Spring trends may come and go, but Princess Diana’s iconic style continues to inspire royal watchers around the world. As Canadians (finally) warmly welcome a new season, we look to Diana for some spring wardrobe inspiration.

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