Alessandra Ambrosio and Johannes Huebl travel back to the ‘20s with RIMOWA

By Sarah Kelsey

Alessandra Ambrosio and Johannes Huebl travel back to the ‘20s with RIMOWA

Because of Alessandra Ambrosio and Johannes Huebl, we've spent the better part of our day dreaming of jet-setting around the world and donning garb from the '20s. The catalyst for this mind-wandering session? RIMOWA's new ad campaign, with the two famous faces as its stars.

In a short behind-the-scenes featurette, the Victoria's Secret model poses alongside the company's latest wares clad in flapper-style dresses and donning a faux finger-waved bob. Of course, the era-appropriate finishing touch is pearls.

"I love Rimowa, I've been a fan for a long time," says the model in the clip. She goes on to discuss her favourite products from the brand. "I actually have the Brazilian collection, it's definitely my favourite."

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Not to be outdone, Johannes looks incredibly dapper in a fitted tux, complete with suspenders and a pressed white shirt. Olivia Palermo's husband also sports a simple yet sophisticated moustache.

“It's really nice to do something which is so well prepared... It's such good art direction, a fantastic photographer,” he said. “It makes it really easy to put myself into the mood... It's easy for me to channel the '20s and to step onto this perfect set."

The concept for the campaign is based on the glitz and glamour of the film The Great Gatsby, which makes perfect sense when you delve into the company's backstory.

According to RIMOWA’s CEO, Dieter Morszeck, the luggage line has played a supporting role in more than 250 American movies, including Charlie’s Angels 2, Fantastic Four, The Proposal, I, Robot and Mr. & Mrs. Smith, since its debut in 1898. It has also garnered a host of high-profile fans along the way, with stars like Jessica Alba, Eddie Redmayne, Kanye West and Gwyneth Paltrow spotted toting their rolling luggage.

Check out the spot for the company’s new lineup below.

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