Watch Ryan Reynolds and Catherine O'Hara tearfully accept Governor General's Awards and receive sweet tributes from fellow stars

By Zach Harper

Watch Ryan Reynolds and Catherine O'Hara tearfully accept Governor General's Awards and receive sweet tributes from fellow stars

Beloved Canadian treasures Ryan Reynolds and Catherine O'Hara received one of our country's most prestigious recognitions on Nov. 27 when they were honoured with the overseer General's Award!

Both stars immediately teared up after watching presentation videos featuring former Barenaked Ladies star Steven Page, in Ryan's case, and Schitt's Creek's Noah Reid, who did the honours for Catherine.

"I'm not crying," Ryan wrote while taking to Instagram to share the video of his presentation. "It's just maple syrup."

In the clip produced for Ryan, the dad of three can be seen to the right, watching a video with his Governor General's Award around his neck. Steven emerges from a forest, appropriately wearing flannel, launching into a very funny song about how he was chosen to pass the prize on to Ryan because "Bryan Adams was busy and Nickelback all had to work." He goes on to joke that the committee "meant to call Drake, but called me by mistake" before launching into a refrain about how "Canada loves you back" while air guitaring on an axe.

Fellow Canadian legend William Shatner makes a guest appearance, as does Ryan's Aviation Gin and his beloved Vancouver Canucks.

The sweet and very amusing montage goes on to pay tribute to Ryan for all the charitable and philanthropic work he's done through the years, from helping organizations such as Food Banks Canada and the SickKids Foundation and Reconciliation Canada.

Chief Dr. Robert Joseph, the Ambassador for Reconciliation Canada, then appeared to say something very special to Ryan.

"We live in troubled times, and if there was ever a time that we need to work together to acknowledge each other and be closer to one another, so that we can help each other, support each other and lift each other up, this is the time. And so, we are grateful once again that for the generosity of Canadians like Ryan we are able to do this work that brings people together."

After that, it was Ryan's turn to give some remarks. He was speechless at first, and a bit teary.

"I guess I've made it," he joked, wiping his eyes. "That was pretty crazy."

Catherine couldn't contain her emotions when she saw Noah on screen and immediately started crying as he sang to her, playing Joni Mitchell's "A Case of You" while at a piano set up along Toronto's waterfront.

The clip also took a humourous turn as Noah also appeared in various colourful wigs, akin to those worn by Catherine's character Moira during the show. She had a good laugh at all of them.

"He obviously had a favourite," Catherine joked, as Noah walked off the screen in a curly blonde wig. "I don't blame him. Wow. Very flattering."

She needed to stop and take a moment, saying thank you a few more times while drying her eyes.

We love these sweet tributes. Congrats to Catherine and Ryan, who more than deserve these incredible honours!

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