Justin Trudeau's Liberals re-elected as Canadian stars urge followers to vote

By Zach Harper

Justin Trudeau's Liberals re-elected as Canadian stars urge followers to vote

In Montreal late in the evening of Sept. 20, Justin Trudeau and his family gathered around the TV as the election results came in. Together, they watched his Liberal Party get re-elected, and projections say it will form another minority government and he will remain prime minister.

"The moment we face demands real, important change, and you have given this Parliament and this government clear direction," the prime minister said in an early morning speech in Montreal in which he addressed Canadians' frustrations with the coronavirus pandemic and promised to lead Canada out of it.

The prime minister was joined by his family in Montreal as they watched the election results. Photo: © Sean Kilpatrick / POOL / AFP

"I hear you when you say you just want to get back to the and not worry about this pandemic or an election... Canadians are able to get around any obstacle and that is exactly what we will continue to do."

In his own speech, Conservative leader Erin O'Toole promised to continue to improve his party's standing with Canadians.

Erin's family joined him in Oshawa, Ont. to watch the results, too. Photo: © ADRIAN WYLD/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

"We must continue this journey of welcoming more Canadians to take another look at this party," he said in Oshawa, Ont.

According to CBC News, the Liberals were projected to win or leading 158 seats as of 7:15 a.m. EDT on Sept. 21, while the Conservatives were just behind them with 122. The Bloc Québécois was both projected to win 34 seats, while the New Democratic Party was on track to take 29. The Green Party won two seats, according to projections, while the People's Party did not take any.

Jagmeet Singh was joined by his wife, fashion designer Gurkiran Kaur Sidhu, during his speech in Vancouver. Photo: © Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images

When the previous Parliament was dissolved, the Liberals held 155 seats and the Tories had 119.

That the election did not give the prime minister the majority government he had been seeking means he will need to continue to work with other parties to continue governing.

The overall projected seat numbers so far also mean the NDP party led by Jagmeet Singh will likely continue to hold the balance of power.

Leading up to the election, Canadian celebrities had once again taken to social media to urge their followers to vote.

"HI CANADA," Dan Levy tweeted on Sept. 14, the day of the deadline for early voting and the last day to apply to vote by mail. He shared a tweet from Elections Canada that told people how to easily do both.

"VOTE," Jann Arden simply tweeted on Sept. 19.

Musicians Tegan and Sara, meanwhile, also told their followers to hit the polls and said it was simple, quick and easily to do.

"Don't forget to vote today, Canadians!" they tweeted on Sept. 20. "I just voted. It took five minutes. So many wonderful people volunteered to be there to take your ballot, so head to your polling station and get it done!"

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