Kristen Stewart on what she really wanted to get right portraying Princess Diana in 'Spencer'

By Heather Cichowski

Kristen Stewart on what she really wanted to get right portraying Princess Diana in 'Spencer'

Kristen Stewart is earning rave reviews for her total transformation into Princess Diana in Spencer. Ahead of the Pablo Larraín-directed film's first screening at the Toronto International Film Festival, the American actress opened up about taking on the role of the People's Princess in the virtual "In Conversation With... Kristen Stewart" TIFF event.

The late Princess of Wales's voice and accent were two of the most striking things about her, and Kristen has previously spoken about how she felt taking them on were "intimidating."

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But in the TIFF conversation, Kristen revealed perfecting Diana's British accent and manner of speaking didn't worry her as much as other aspects of making Spencer, since she said she had a dialect coach who provided incredible support.

"You can learn anything if you have enough time," the former Twilight star reasoned.

The thing that Kristen really wanted to get right in Spencer was how Diana was portrayed as a mother to Prince William (Jack Nielen) and Prince Harry (Freddie Spry). She credited the young actors who took on the roles of the princes when they were children for helping her to achieve this in the biopic.

"It was the only thing in her life that felt sure," Kristen said about Diana's love for her sons.

"She wanted to feel unconditional about something. Her strength, power, and feral unstoppable force of nature really came out when she was with her kids, because... she was very good at protecting them."

Diana, Harry and William at commemorations of VJ Day in August 1995. Photo: © JOHNNY EGGITT/AFP via Getty Images

This was something Kristen could see even as an "outsider" and it was integral to how she approached the film.

"I wanted to protect [it], and that was a scarier aspect of making the movie because if you don't get that right, you don't get her right," Kristen said.

In addition to having two amazing young co-stars, the Personal Shopper actress credited the supportive team and crew of Spencer for helping her to really get into the role and explore it. These included Pablo, her dialect coach, cinematographer Claire Mathon and more. Kristen described Claire as a "genius."

"We all felt so connected," the star said. "I felt like we all held this thing together equally... and I just felt so much love from all of them."

"I had people holding me so in the most moments where I had to go to my absolute lowest, I had a sort of safety net," she added.

Spencer premiered at the Venice International Film Festival on Sept. 3 and is screening at TIFF. It will be released in theatres on Nov. 5.

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