Uh oh! Reese Witherspoon's puppy ate her couch!

By Zach Harper

Uh oh! Reese Witherspoon's puppy ate her couch!

It's a problem pet owners know too well – or at least, those who have dogs and cats. You'll go out only to return to see they've discovered your furniture and left it with a few more holes after having a snack – or using it as a scratching post, in the case of felines.

Reese Witherspoon came home to find her black Labrador puppy Major had done just that. The Oscar winner was shocked to see her beautiful grey couch had been shredded near one of the corners and documented it all in her Instagram Stories.

"Wait! What is this ???!!" she wrote over of a video of her finding the couch in its newly shredded/eaten state.

A second clip showed Major looking up at the camera with very guilty eyes as she asked him if he knows who is responsible for destroying the furniture.

"Major, who ate the couch? Who did that? Did you do that?" the Oscar winner asked. Major didn't have a response, but he couldn't look at Reese for very long. In the same clip, Reese added a poll to her video asking followers if they thought he was the culprit. The two options were, hilarious, "Umm... yes" and "No doubt he ate the sofa."

In a third panel in her Instagram Stories, Reese shared a photo of Major looking happily at the camera wit his tongue out. She dubbed him "Major the Lab, Couch Eater" and wrote, "Good thing he is cute."

Most people would probably agree that it would be hard to call Major a "bad boy" given how adorable he is.

Major has grown up very quickly since Reese and her family adopted him in January! Back then, she took to Instagram to share a photo of the little guy staring up at his new mom. He was much smaller then. He was also eating couches way less, too.

Reese and her family love their dogs. In November 2020, they also adopted a French bulldog named Minnie Pearl, and Reese's daughter Ava Philippe also has a rescue dog named Benji, which she adopted after Reese and the family lost their beloved French bulldog Pepper last year.

Hopefully that's the last time Major eats a couch! We can't imagine his stomach felt very good after that.

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