Drake's son Adonis had the cutest reaction to a LeBron James dunk

By Zach Harper

Drake's son Adonis had the cutest reaction to a LeBron James dunk

Drake's son Adonis Graham is already a huge basketball fan, and is learning all the ins and outs of the sport at just three years old. And like you'd expect from the superstar's son, he knows great talent when he sees it!

Drake took to Instagram to share an absolutely adorable clip of Adonis watching a highlights reel of some of LeBron James's biggest career moments in the NBA.

During the clip, Drake kept moving his camera from his computer screen back to Adonis's reactions. The little guy was totally enthralled by what he was seeing on the court, watching with great interest as King James showed why he's one of the greatest players of all time.

But when LeBron made an incredible dunk, Adonis couldn't believe what he was seeing. "Oh, my God!" he shouted, his mouth falling open and looking up at his dad, who could be heard having a laugh in the background.

The video got a comment from LeBron himself, who wrote "Nephew [lock emoji] the hell in!! Yessir!!"

In April 2021, Drake shared two cute videos of Adonis playing basketball that were re-posted on a fan account on Instagram.

The first clip showed Adonis holding up two fingers before taking a shot at a special basketball hoop his dad had set up for him. He was using a rainbow ball, and his technique was pretty good! He easily scored the basket.

The second clip showed the little guy taking a shot with a full-size NBA regulation basketball on the court that Drake has inside his home in Toronto's Bridle Path neighbourhood. He made most of the shots he took and, proud of himself, gave a little yell of celebration!

Drake is the Toronto Raptors' global ambassador, and we love to see him passing his love for basketball on to his son!

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